***Residents Newsletter 30 November***

30th November


In attendance – Jean M, Ken, John, Mary, Gen, Brian, Tom, Gloria, Chris, Eric, Wilson, Sylvia, Pat, Kathleen, Julian, Doug, Doris, Muriel, Harriet and Lucy.

Gen opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming.

Gen started with reflecting on everything that happened in November

  • Hilary came to talk to residents about apples which evoked many memories of childhood. Many thanks for ‘The Fetch Theater’ for arranging it.
  • Dorothy and her son Colin spent time in the town selling poppies for Earl Haig Fund (remembrance day), this got a massive recognition from the community as some people went just to buy some from Dorothy for support.
  • Many residents have been out and enjoyed meals at the pub, coffee and cake, singing, pamper mornings, having their nails done and making smoothies.
  • Brodie and Edie have been to visit, and they will continue to visit every other Thursday morning.
  • Regular word games, quizzes and movie afternoons
  • We had ‘Pop up parties’ back again for a brilliant silent disco
  • Occasional dog visits from families
  • G-fit visited for some chair exercises.
  • Finally a visit from a hairdresser Sheila, she will now visit every Thursday from 9am!
  • Taking part in research working with the National Institute of Health Research
  • Enjoying the remembrance parade in Leominster, which got us a spot in the Hereford times as the only came home in the area to take place
  • Plus many many more things taking place each and every day!

Harriet followed this up by letting residents know events planned and dates for things coming up in December, these are as follows

  • Leominster junior school for carol singing
  • 14th December is tasting menu for supper time from apetito, families will be invited to this also
  • 22nd December Christingle 3pm
  • Christmas card writing day
  • 8th and 9th December putting up the Christmas decorations
  • Plus whatever else we get up to!

Gen spoke next in more detail about the new hairdresser Sheila who we have joining the Forbury, she will visit on a Thursday from 9am. Sheila needs to be paid on the day so residents wanting their hair done must have the cash with them. There’s an aim to start a beauty project in the hair salon so residents wanting to join need to bring a photo of themselves when they were younger so we can have a salon full of beautiful faces (and is also shows how you like to have your hair)

Gen asked residents if they are enjoyed food still, Ken said yes and all other residents in agreement. Lucy brought up that sandwiches seem to of got stuck with the same fillings every day again, Gen suggested she will order different fillings each week so it will always be a change. Gen said she would also like to see more soup now the weather is colder.

Harriet spoke about Christmas day meal, residents all agreed they would like to have their meal all together on one big table in the dining room. Gen encouraged residents to go and join families for Christmas day.

Harriet said yesterday she took around chocolate bars for everyone and everyone was so happy. Harriet reminded residents there is always crisp and chocolate in the kitchen so just ask whenever if they fancy a snack.

Gen told residents about staffs new way of trying to promote privacy in the home, we have do not disturb signs to be put on bedroom doors when a resident is having personal care. Gen asked residents if they feel their privacy is being respected and they all said yes they are happy.

Gen asked residents if they have anything they want to say/ask

Pat said she is enjoying all the extra flowers and decorations around the home, Harriet said these are thanks to Vilma.

Gen said the shower is unfortunately broken at the moment, the part has been ordered and Marius is working hard to get this fixed.

Eric asked Harriet what she has in place for if England win the World Cup. Harriet said if England win she will take him to the pub and buy him a pint.

Gen said the next meeting date will be confirmed as Christmas/ New year will be busy so its hard to pin a date down at present.

Gen closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming.

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