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Residents enjoying art and relaxation..

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Keep Fit session with Julie!..

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Eyes down for a Bingo session!

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Edna enjoying an art session

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February 22, 2021 · 12:19 pm

Doris made a beautiful crown for Chloe 👑

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February 19, 2021 · 2:03 pm

Missing our Hairdresser Janet ❤️ Thanks to Shania and Chloe bringing some sunshine to our lovely ladies

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Rexsidents Meeting Jan 2021

Residents Present:

Julian, Doris, Joy, Edna, Muriel, Jean P, Jean M, Sheila, Beryl, Iris, Avril, Molly, Chris L, Gwen, Suzie and Wilson.

Staff Present:

Home Manager Gen and Julie.

Meeting Opening:

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody and noting that it has unfortunately been a while since we were able to hold a meeting due to covid restrictions but is lovely to see everyone together. We are now looking to the future and hope for better times ahead.

Home Closure:

Gen discussed the Lockdown of the home and how well everyone is coping with it – residents and staff. There is at present a national lockdown in place by the government. There is at present no plan in place to allow any further opening of the home or for residents to be allowed to access the community. This instruction has been given to us by the Hereford Health Authority allowing only essential outings such as Hospital appointments when a member of staff will accompany a resident.

Covid-19 Update

Gen informed everyone that most of the staff had now had their first Covid vaccine and some had had their second also. All residents have had their first vaccination and Dr. Cathcart and Emma Dumaz will be back in March to administer the second dose, unfortunately they cannot give it earlier as they do not have stock. They have now covered at least 70% of all care homes and the over 80’s in our area and this is increasing daily. Let’s be positive as the figures show over 15 million people have already been vaccinated in the UK and this increases daily.

Also, on the topic of vaccinations all our residents have had their annual flu vaccination as well. It is still of great importance that all staff wear masks, washing hands and hand hygiene is promoted for residents and staff and maintaining distance where possible. Staff will continue to be tested weekly and residents monthly. We have been Covid free from the very first outbreak back at the end of February last year lets give ourselves a big round of applause and keep up the good work.

Achievements within the Home:

We had welcomed back our hairdresser Janet who is normally with us every Wednesday and complies with all covid-19 regulations, wearing a mask, and ensuring best possible practice, unfortunately due to the national lockdown we again have been unable to have her come in, but she will return when she is allowed. We have also had Tariq the chiropodist taking care of residents’ feet and this is allowed by the authorities to continue even during the lockdown. He is complying with all Covid-19 regulations and a risk assessment is in place. He is currently using the Hair salon to do residents feet as there is a sink etc for hand washing and easy access for staff to take residents to and from so that Tariq doesn’t have to walk around the home. We hope to welcome back Vision Call Opticians in March to do our eye tests, if this is allowed all relevant risk assessments will be in place. There has also been a positive increase on ideas from residents and staff regarding mutual engagement with each other on a one-to-one basis. Singing together, quizzes and baking are still the most popular activities and most attended.

Infection Control, Hygiene and Cleaning

Gen was incredibly pleased to say that extra measures have been taken to ensure continual cleaning of all surfaces, frames, furniture etc. and that Night Staff, Day Staff and Domestics are working together, and everyone’s efforts are appreciated. Temperature checks of staff and residents are continuing to be done every day. Staff are wearing masks to stop bringing anything in from outside.  All essential visitors such as district nurses, doctors, etc are following the rules and washing hands on arrival temperature checks being done and PPE being worn, there are risk assessments in place for these visits. Hand hygiene and oral care are very important, and staff are encouraging and helping residents with this.

Contacting our loved ones and friends (communication)

We have been staying in touch with our loved ones by letter writing, phone calls, video calls and waving through the windows. Those residents who can contact their relatives and friends without assistance have been using the phone, computer, and video calls. If any resident requires further assistance, then please ask a member of staff.

For those family and friends able to travel during this national covid-19 lockdown, we do have a fully secure visiting room available in Priory Croft with all risk assessments in place. We are asking relatives and friends to ring and book a slot and slots are 11am, 2pm and 3pm Monday to Friday. Only 2 people allowed to visit ant any one time and no children allowed. A carer will stay with you to help with communication through the glass screen.

All incoming post and packages have to be held in quarantine for 72 hours before we can pass it on to you, this is an extra safety measure we have been told to do by the authorities to help prevent the virus entering the building.


We have plenty of stock of oral hygiene products, glasses wipes and hearing aid batteries if residents need them. If you need any other shopping you can either do it online where possible, ask a relative or friend to get it and drop it off or speak to a staff member and we can organise to get it for you. Please be aware that most retail is still shut so we are limited to where we can shop for you.


Gen asked residents what they thought of the meals and if they were still enjoying them. Responses were incredibly positive saying that meals were very good and have been lovely and hot as well. Muriel pointed out that the dining room is very cold on the weekends and perhaps Marius could look into this. Also, good to see residents baking and the cakes and biscuits etc being used at teatime as dessert.


We are all missing our external activity friends that used to come in and do entertainment, aroma therapy, music, quizzes and exercise hours and as soon as we are allowed, we will be rebooking them. Julie has been trying to keep as many activities going as possible internally and if there is anything any residents would like to do or any ideas from staff and residents for activities they would be greatly appreciated. Anything we can do that enables us to have some fun and stay active in body and mind will help us to remain positive. We would like to encourage residents to join in with activities where possible and will be continuing with our baking sessions, Quizzes, singalongs, movement to music and arts and crafts. We also now have an internet ready TV in the conservatory which is allowing us to access online movement to music and singing and old-time music and films. It is also nice to spend time together chatting and interacting and enjoying the sunshine in the conservatory. Thank you to all residents for making Christmas cards that were sent to relatives. We will be doing some crafts for Valentines day and hopefully some Photos of residents for the Forbury Blog. After this we will be thinking ahead for Mother’s Day and activities, we can do to celebrate the day, any suggestions would be very welcome.

Any Other Thoughts or Questions

Muriel asked about the delivery of flowers for residents and going out into the garden, Gen confirmed that it is safe to give flowers directly to residents as long as we take off the outer packaging first. Presently we are still not allowed to access the garden due to Covid restrictions and also the weather, we hope with better weather coming and vaccinations being completed this will be allowed soon.

Meeting Close

Gen closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and saying that she wants everyone within the home residents and staff to feel at ease and included during these difficult times of lockdown and if anyone had any concerns or worries to please share with herself, her deputy Rasa, Julie or any member of staff and we would be happy to help. There are comment slips with envelopes available by the notice board if you would like to express anything in a private and confidential manner.

The next residents meeting will be in February in The Gallery of Happiness.

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Skittles to the music of The Beatles 🎸🥁🎼

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Pancakes Day! at The Forbury 🥞🥞🥞

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And of course Marius made a chocolates heart shaped cake to wish all lovely ladies at the Forbury the best Valentines Day ❤️

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