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Friday Art Club

Sheila, Ruby, Pat and Libby enjoying their weekly art club session with Jeanette and creating some lovely artworks..

IMG_20190913_114939_resized_20190922_081537432_Fotor..  IMG_20190913_120043_resized_20190922_081353102_Fotor

IMG_20190913_114730_resized_20190922_081630338_Fotor    IMG_20190913_115114_resized_20190922_081508717_Fotor



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A Trip to Wye Vale Garden Centre

Residents had a lovely trip out to Wye Vale Garden Centre in Hereford and enjoyed a nice lunch in the cafe (Click on photos to enlarge). 



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Drum session!

Click on photos to enlarge

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The Forbury Knitters Group

Knitting group_Fotor

An article for County Times in Hereford Times

Local Leominster News

Keen Knitters at The Forbury Residential Home in Leominster are casting on to knit clothes and blankets for babies to raise money for the Residents Fund.

Shown (left to right) in the photo taken in the themed Paris street brasserie at the Home, Residents Mrs Margaret Smith, Mrs Avril Meredith and Mrs Robina Duggan have formed a knitting group named ‘’The Forbury Knitters Group’’. The knitting group allows residents to relive old memories; to share life stories and generally to enjoy their shared company. Mrs Margaret Smith is actively encouraging other residents to join in, because it evokes some positive memories for everyone and gives them an additional opportunity to bond with each other and with their families.

The Forbury would like to express a big thanks to Mrs Carol Williams, sister of Mrs Avril Meredith, for kindly donating wool and not least our huge thanks and appreciation to Brook Farm (Marden) for very kindly donating strawberries for The Forbury Fete – which is to be held at The Forbury Residential Home on 6th of September, 2pm onwards, to raise money for the Residents Fund and to which there is an open invitation to anyone wishing to come along.

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Residents meeting August 2019

29th of August 2019

Those Present:

Residents: Norah, James, Avril, Alice, Della, Jean P, Jean M, Marjorie, Edna, Lydia, Julian, Wendy, Chris, Audrey, Sonia, Pat, Margaret, Mary, Sheila, Laurie.

Staff: Gen, Elza

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody in the Residents Meeting.

Gen is very happy to be back from holidays and once again to join in the Residents Meeting. Elza done a wonderful job on manager’s absence. Gen is very happy and proud with the team working at the Forbury. There are two new staff starting called Dwaine and Lee, they will work few shifts on the days so they could get to know every resident in person. A lovely young lady called Yasmin started recently and she is very kind and caring, Gen asked residents to support junior staff with their knowledge and life experience.

Gen reminded that Every Thursday Advanced Nurse Practitioner Emma Durmaz is visiting the home, so if anyone has a concern or a family member, please see a member of staff to book an appointment.

Elza will be going around gaining consents relating Flu vaccinations, they will be administered in the home by Emma Durmaz at the end of September.

Upcoming events arranged for September are:

STRAWBERRY FETE ON 6th of September
Jane Bennet Laughter Yoga 19th of September

G-Fitness with Lea is on 13th of September.

Dementia Friendly event at Baptist Church is on 23rd of September.

Holy Communion is on 25th of September.

Jeanette will be coming back to us on Friday 6th September and will continue with art in the conservatory in the ‘Gallery of Happiness’.  John will hosting Quizzes and crosswords on Friday afternoons from 2pm.

PRIORY church service on Sundays.

Knitting group

Margaret, Avril and Ruby created a new knitting group and had few suggestions to what the title will be. One of the suggestions was ‘Knitters knockers group’ and second one was ‘The Forbury Knickers Knitters Group’. That brought a lot of laughter and joy to everyone for hours, so the ladies decided to call it ‘The Forbury Knickers Knitters Group’. Avril and Margaret will knit few knickers and put it on the piece of string as a banner. Margaret, Avril and Ruby are expanding their group and invited few more residents to join. They knitted beautiful baby clothes and a baby pram blanket. Gen and the team is amazed with the work ladies done and would like to write an article in Hereford Times with a beautiful photo in the kitchenette. Margaret, Avril and Ruby are very happy for that to go ahead. Gen will also ask Jill to make a stand for the Home. Knitted baby clothes will be sold in the Strawberry Fete on 6th of September to raise money for the Residents Fund.

Strawberry Fete

Gen and Elza will develop a programme for the Strawberry Fete and will ask some of residents and staff to be responsible for e.g. raffle, bring and buy sale, tambola, etc. Gen is trying to arrange entertainment, Banjo Brian is getting better, but not ready as yet to come to sing.

Strawberries will be kindly donated by Marden farm.

Gen reminded that we are here to help and support and make residents life happy. If anyone had a worry or concern or an idea for improvement you are welcome to see Gen/Elza at any time. Comment and suggestion box is by visitors signing in book if a matter needs to be addressed in private and confident manner.

Margaret mentioned to have an upgrade with towels and flannels and Gen will prioritize.

Thank you all for coming next residents meeting will be 27th of September 2019

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