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Residents meeting and Relatives feedback

26.05.2023 –  13:30

In attendance – Tom, Avril, Doreen h, Iris, Dorothy L, Doreen L, Sylvia, Kathleen, Violet, Julian, Gen, Harriet and Lucy.

Agenda –

  1. Holy communion
  2. Wolfren to visit
  3. Sandwiches feedback from teatime
  4. Feedback forms

Gen opened by thanking everyone for coming. She started by going through achievements from last month – MAY!

  • New indoor/outdoor activities
  • Cinema afternoons
  • Gardening by residents and Ray and Lucy
  • Coronation party
  • Parachute fun
  • Singing and dancing
  • Quiz times with snacks
  • Flower arranging
  • Walks out to the pub and grange
  • Happy birthday for Jean, Chris, Suzi, Iris and Brenda
  • Rose sales – movement to music
  • Carnival decorations on display in buttercross arcade
  • Norfolk house visits on Tuesdays
  • Baking Hungarian biscuits with Christine
  • Ice cream in the garden
  • Wolfren Riverstick entertainment
  • Visiting Leominster museum
  • Leominster in bloom

Gen spoke first about sandwiches at tea time, kitchen staff have been trailing some different sandwiches with extra salads and bits. Residents agreed they are enjoying the changes. Julian asked if they can have more jacket potatoes and salads now the hotter weather is coming. Gen said she will pass this onto the kitchen. Doreen Ledbrook said sometimes she would like her plate hotter for her food to go on, Gen said she will again pass this on and assured plates are warmed before food is served.

Gen followed on from this to say she has ordered some ice lollies and ice cubes ready for the hot weather to keep us all cool. Gen said for residents to just ask if they would like one. Julian said he is looking forward to a lemon squash with lemonade and ice cubes in the garden.

Gen said we have an upcoming competition we are involved in with Leominster in bloom. We have to decorate the garden, Gen encouraged all ideas to bring forward to her or Harriet. Gen also said for residents to pop over to the buttercross arcade to have a look at everyone’s hard work which is on display for the King’s coronation carnival theme.

Gen said we have had back feedback forms which were sent to families, she said all the feedback was lovely. Gen said one of the things that came up was that there’s limited activities on weekend but reassured this is intentional as we are always so busy doing activities in the week days it’s nice to keep the weekends free and be quiet and rest ready for the weeks ahead.

Gen asked if anyone has anything to add, she encouraged to rise any worries or concerns either directly or confidentially to her or Rasa or Lucy. We have here to help and support every single day and make the most of it by having meaningful conversations.

Julian asked about canal trips, Gen said that she is certain the place that used to do it has gone bankrupt but she will look into it.

Action plan for June

  1. Holy communion
  2. Hairdresser
  3. School children coming to visit
  4. Garden activities
  5. Wolfren visiting

Gen closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming.

Relatives Feedback:

Score rating: 1 – Poor   2 – Fair    3 – Good    4 – Excellent

NoOverall scoreStaffComfort/ cleanlinessActivitiesPrivacy and independenceHealth and safetyComments
1 Anonymous3.3333.4432 Fire procedures need to be improvedSometimes late to find out about relatives health
2 Carol Williams3. are happy with the continuing good care and support Avril is receiving
3 Mary Lewis444444Keep up with the good work, I see no need to change anything, lovely home and wonderful staff. Thank you for looking after Mum so well. All Perfect.
4 Andre444444Grand Service Thank you all.
5  Louise Powell3.9344443Julian has told me about the recent visit to the junior school, which he really enjoyed! I wanted to thank Gen and all staff but I also wanted to mention Harriet in particular for the activities and outings.
6 Craig Butler3. 
7 Robert Brown3.183.633Comments, no scoreComments, no scoreSuzie likes a change of scene. We are very close as it’s nice to bring her to our place or take her round town. If it’s really cold or wet, I will spend time with her at the Forbury, usually in her room, or the conservatory. So be honest, this works okay, and I don’t really expect you to have a space dedicated to visits from relatives.
8 Ray and Carol Biddle444444 
9 Anonymous444444The residents look so happy when ‘’the cat’’, ‘’the dog’’, exercises and games are going on Facebook. The more able are into cooking and other activities NOT seen at either Gwen Walford OR The Weir. I rake the Forbury EXCELLENT 11/10
10 Joyce Marston444444Visits to the pub ‘Grapes’ so very much appreciated. Keeping Bryan in touch with his friends. There is wonderful support. I have every confidence in the staff leadership. I am so grateful that you have provided A happy and safe environment for Bryan. A great relief. Thanks to you all. JMM
11 Anonymous  444444 
12 Ann Tether3.94443.54No comment No scoreMaybe Something to do at weekends for those without visitors.
13 Polly Minton3.333.233.43.863Everyone always friendly and welcoming, staff are usually around to help, they are happy to help and advice. There are plenty of activities for residents to join in with, enjoying seeing photos and updates on Facebook. There is a good range of activities to suite different interests. Privacy is always maintained, staff always knock before coming into rooms. Thank you for making The Forbury such a lovely place to live. Dorothy is well looked after and really happy.
14 David Howells3.93443.83.864All in all the Forbury has a loving caring atmosphere and residents are encouraged to feel at home. Your staff are kind, caring genuinely helpful and friendly and readily listen to with residents and relatives. Harriet provides great entertainment and activities for the residents and is always on the go – wish I had her energy! She is great asset to the Home as are all the staff, cooks, cleaners, manager etc. A big thank you to all!
15 Jim Tuck3.934443.863.8Telephone calls to Miriam’s room often pleated by poor signal quality. Perhaps another base station could be positioned nearer to those rooms which are affected by this issue. 
16 Anonymous3.4243.62.253.254Overall, the Forbury care home is a caring, happy and generally safe place for my relative to be living in. Staff shortages can sometimes be an issue but this is a country wide problem. I have no problems recommending the Forbury to other relatives looking to find residential care for their loved ones.
17 Anonymous3.18343.333.252.33 
18 Alison Hardingham2.783. times when there don’t seem to be many staff on duty. This causes anxiety for our relative. Overall. We are thankful.
 65.22   3.6266.6   3.765.4   3.6364.08   3.5663.43   3.7353.93   3.37 

The overall feedback from families the score is 3.62 (3 is good and 4 is excellent), which is close to excellent services provided for their loved ones.

There are few minor concerns which is a hook broken on the door, or more activities over the weekend, but general overall feedback is very positive. Questions about staff were aimed to rule out the culture of the home, so questions were orientated if staff treating relatives courteously and with respect, if staff always give help readily and pleasantly when asked and listened to the request. If relatives feel the staff understand and meet resident’s needs, also if relatives feel happy and confident asking staff to do things for them; if relatives feel that they can complain if necessary and would it be acted upon.

There were very lovely comments made about staff, e.g. everyone always friendly and welcoming, staff usually around to help, one relative had a small matters which have been dealt with efficiently. One relative said that staff are wonderful support. I have every confidence in the staff leadership. Staff always acknowledge and very pleasant. Another family said that we always feel very welcome when we visit. Gen and staff are very approachable. One more comment was made that staff always very polite and respectful, nothing seems too much trouble. Furthermore, Staff is lovely, friendly, and helpful; staff very obliging and nothing is too much trouble. One family found hearing and language a problem, don’t always have facility to meet needs.

Staff section questions the score is 3.7, very close to Excellent, which is a score of 4.

Second section is about comfort and cleanliness, so the questions were orientated about quality of rooms and its facilities, if room was kept clean and tidy, if relatives wanted to change something in room, also to find out the cleanliness and comfort of lounges and dining room, as well as toilets and bathrooms.

One of the families said that happy with the room, always clean and tidy, room was fine as it was. Another family said that the room was perfect for light and easy for him, he knows where he is and the space. One family commented that don’t usually visit in room, so can’t comment, but everywhere always very tidy. Another family said that she knows that tidiness is an issue and family thinks we are doing a great job! Relative have always found the Forbury to be very clean and tidy. One relative said that the room looks be comfortable, always very clean and lounges are very good and comfortable too. Another relative said that Room always smell nice! Only one family raised concerns over fire doors too hard to open, not happy with heavy fire door, on one occasion had to make her own bed and toilet wasn’t clean one day, so was not happy about that; also the same resident’s relative said that dining room can be a bit cramped getting in and out at meal times. Furthermore, another resident’s family said that the room is good with constrains of size of room and toilet, just a door hook is broken.

Comfort and Cleanliness section the score is 3.63, very close to Excellent, which is a score of 4.

Next Section was about our planned social activities, the questions were orientated if residents enjoy the activities programme in the home, if families do keep up to date with Facebook page and Internet blog, if not then how would they like to be kept up to date, also if families felt that activities were person centred, and trying to find out how families would like to be involved in provision of activities; in was important to know if families felt that activities were stimulating their loved ones.

The responses that we had were very positive and families appreciate the staff/home efforts to keep residents happy and involved in social activities, finding joy in every day. So, one of the families have said that there are always plenty of activities for residents to join in with, enjoying seeing photos and updates of Facebook, there are good range of activities to suit different interests, the most important to hear that residents thoroughly enjoy activities. Another family said that their loved one visits the ‘Grapes’ pub so very much appreciated as Brian is keeping in touch with his friends. One family commented how much enjoys looking at the Internet Blog. Another family said that not on Facebook, but suggested an email newsletter would be very welcome; also it is nice to know that residents themselves inform the families what activities they join in and loves cooking activities especially. Furthermore, one family said that there are always something on, so well done! They keep in touch via Facebook, there is always an option for families to be get involved as well. Another family have said that residents seems to take part in most activities and enjoy them; this family is not on Facebook but have access to the Forbury Times internet blog; they feel that from what they have seen the activities suit most people, the activities are stimulating and interesting things to do. One family have said that their relative chooses not to join in, but the right activities help for residents, family don’t follow on Facebook, but the relatives keeps the family up to date, they also feel that the range of activities cater for different preferences and abilities. Another family commented that large print information would be welcome, some activities could be more accessible by people with hearing or visual impairment.

Our Planned social Activities section the score is 3.56, so it is above good, which is a score of 3 and closer to Excellent, which is a score of 4.

Next section as about Privacy and independence, the questions were orientated to find out if families are given adequate privacy, do the staff knock the doo before entering, are confidential affairs respected, do staff talk about other residents in front of them, is there anything we could do better to maintain residents independence, Do the families believe that The Forbury is a good place to live, and would the family like The Forbury Whatapp group.

We are very grateful for the feedback and only three families (from 18) would like to be involved in the WhatApp ‘Family’ Group, the reasons for NOT to be involved is time, just because it is an app, some happy with Facebook or blog and have sufficient information.

One family felt that Privacy is always maintained, staff always knock the door, never heard anyone been talked about in front of visitors, Happy with level of independence/support, is the home a good place – the answer – my loved one is really happy. Another family member commented that the Forbury is a wonderful place to live. Furthermore, one of the families said that would always recommend to anyone, because the Forbury is a good place to live. One of the family said that staff always show respect and give adequate privacy. Another family have said that staff always polite and knock the door, there are no names mentioned and nothing personal revealed; residents are encouraged to take part in activities and relatives are encouraged to take them out; the Forbury is very homely and the staff are lovely. One family have said that staff don’t talk about residents in front but somethings a problem when they are a friend, staff always knock the door and give privacy, the relative is happy and better at the Forbury home than not. One family expressed the need to make sure residents know each day what is available re: activities where to find them.

The overall score for Privacy and Independence is the highest 3.73 from all sections from the Quality Assurance Questionnaire.

The last section of Questionnaire was about Health and Safety within the Home. The questions were orientated if families knew where the fire escapes were, if they knew what to do if fire alarm rung, if families aware of health and safety threats, do they understand why electrical items needed regularly checked, and also to find out how often families wanted to be contacted to inform about health and wellbeing of the resident.

It come very obvious from the feedback that families would like to have more information about fire procedures, clearly everyone understood of importance to have electrical items checked regularly. Families felt they were always kept informed about health and wellbeing. There was one family that wanted to know about drug changes and when GP visits, but the response was anonymous.

Health and Safety within the home section the score is 3.37, so it is above good.

Action plan:

Seniors will give clear guidance for families when visiting the home around Fire Procedures.

Home will discuss with residents if you would like to receive ‘Residents Meeting’ minutes via email and we will upload on Internet blog page as well, Monthly residents meetings are our Monthly news of our achievements and proud events.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner is visiting the home every week on Tuesday on behalf of Reyland’s surgery, if you have questions please email me or ring the home on 01568 613877 and let us know if you have any worries relating relatives health. Dr Lyz Gwilliam comes to do a ward round every month and says hello to every resident, once again if you have any questions please liaise with me or book a phonecall consultation via surgery 01568 614141 under your relatives name and discuss issues in private.

We will continue to expand activities for visual and hearing impairment residents. Families you are very welcome to join in and we love seeing you taking part and giving ideas, wanting to be engaged. Weekends are made to have more relaxed atmosphere as from Monday to Friday is so intense with social/health activities, appointments etc for we encourage sitting in the garden, cinema afternoons and one to one with staff quality time.

Forbury has a luxury to have a ‘know it all’ Environmental health and Safety Officer from Monday to Friday and on call for emergencies, we will continue to work to maintain the building, bedrooms, lounges, grounds of the Forbury. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to come forward.

Thank you for continuing feedback and trusting us to do the best in every day!

The Forbury Team

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