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New Year Photos… 😊

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Residents Meeting 7/01/22

The Forbury Residential Home

residents meeting minutes


Date: 7th January 2022

Time: 2pm

Staff: Gen and Harriet

  • In Attendance: Pat, Muriel, Julian, Violet, Eric, Mary L, Jean S, Alice, Lydia, Jean P, John, Mary O’B, Jean M, Hilda.
  • Agenda:
  •  Our visions
  •  Celebrating The Forbury’s Birthday 40 YEARS!
  •  Covid updates
  •  Questions from residents
  • General atmosphere  
  •  Ideas and initiatives

Meeting minutes:

Gen started with wishing everyone a Happy New year and welcomed everyone to 2022 Residents Meeting. We hope this year will be full of joy and good memories!

Forbury’s  visions for this year:

We are going to celebrate the Forbury home’s birthday of 40 years! We are planning to have a BBQ in the garden (weather permitted) lots of games, singing, tombola etc.. and hopefully we can be joint by all families, friends, visitors and local community members. We are a very proud Forbury family and I am sure we will have lots of fun.

Our garden looks amazing already with lots of flowers, pots and water feature. Green house project is going as planned for planting herbs and vegs for sandwiches. We will start growing our own flowers inside and replant them outside; Eric has offered to help out, especially with the green house.

Mr C A Lutton is looking into upgrading out seating outside the Forbury. I am sure it will look amazing.

We are also going to celebrate (main celebrations):

Valentine’s day

Pancake day

Easter Sunday

Mother and Father’s Day

Queens jubilee


Remembrance Day


Covid updates:

Covid guidance are constantly changing at the moment due to Omicron (new Variant), we are compliant with restrictions and want to make sure that all of you are up to date as well.

All PCR results of January testing came back negative. We would like to empazise to Forbury visitors, it is very important that they ring and book so we don’t have all families turning up and once. Wash their hands, check temperature and either bring proof of LFT results on a day or the senior staff can do it when they arrive. We have phoned around all families and explained our procedures. Julian and Muriel will let their families know themselves.

Questions from Residents:

Julian asking if he still can go out on Tuesdays with Harriet to get his banking and shopping, we have reassured him, we can still go out, just to be safe: wear masks in shops and conduct LFT test every other day and wash hands after return to home.

Muriel asked about 3 named visitors we explained that is still the case she also asked if she can still go out around town, we as long as following the best practice.

Some of the Residents commented how staff are doing an amazing job with the cleaning. Gen explained we have a new member of staff joining our domestic team called Joanna. Staff are still required to be wearing their masks, but hoping things will change in near future, as testing regime increased and everyone is fully vaccinated. Lydia asked if it was only staff who had to wear masks, Gen explained if residents are going to appointments they also require to wear a mask, unless exempt. All visitors, families and health professionals must wear a mask in the care home at all times.

Lydia also asked if we have any trips booked, we explained not at the moment due to covid.

Gen asked if everyone was happy with the selection of sandwiches in the evening, Pat said it would be nice to have some banana sandwiches (we will let kitchen know)

Muriel praised the kitchen staff for always bringing nice hot meals what always taste lovely. Muriel commented on the heating being erratic, Gen explained we do have One resident who likes to turning the heating off without staff knowing. If anyone was getting cold just to ask a member of staff to turn the heating on, she also asked when the bath was getting fixed, reassured next week we are just waiting for a part to be delivered in a few days’ time. Pat said she was enjoying showers.

Pat and Muriel asked if there is any news on getting a new hair dresser, reassurance given that few enquiries made. We hope Touy would be able to help with hair in the meantime. Residents wanted to thank Touy for doing their hair ready for Christmas.

Julian asked if he will be getting a fourth vaccine- explained we aren’t sure yet.

Eric asked what happens with the recycling here, explained we have black and green bins and recycling goes into green bin.

Pat said she really likes the new flowers on the dining tables, she said they were really nice and thought they were real it makes it more homely.

Gen: Emma our nurse will be visiting us next week so if anyone has any health concerns to let Gen know and she will add onto Emma’s list. 

Gen closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and expressing that if anyone had any concerns or worries about anything within the home that they can talk to herself or her deputy Rasa at any time or address it with a member of staff.

Next meeting on 7th of February 2022

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Making mince pies!

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Snacks and mistletoe!

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Happy birthday Derek!


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New Years Eve Celebrations!


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Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas from everyone at The Forbury!

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