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M. Smith Poem - A Christmas Poem

Hereford Cathedral events

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M. Smith Chruch Magazine 2020

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February 24, 2020 · 10:47 am

Residents Meeting January 2020

29th of January 2020

Those Present:

Residents: Julian, Jean P, Rita, Sheila, Hilda, Liby, June, Bety (Relative), Sonis, Jean M, Beryl, Edna, Mary, Avril, Gwyneth, Della, Gen.

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody in the Residents Meeting.

Oral Health

Gen has explained how important it is to attend to oral health for every resident. Home is getting the kit ready for everyone who does not have anything, toothpastes, denture pot, toothpastes, denture cleaning brush, a cup to hold everything in. Home will change toothbrushes as recommended every 3 months and it needs to be soft toothbrush. Every resident is registered with Dentist and some residents have domiciliary dental visits booked. The best practice is to have a once a year dental check-up. We will keep everyone informed when check-up is due. Care staff did receive training and will be helping every morning and evening to attend to oral health, because it helps to prevent chest infections, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Christmas time

Gen expressed her thanks for a wonderful Christmas time, it was a busy happy time. A Christmas shopping trip to Hereford, Home decorations, Christmas Party, Carol singer from Priory Church, baking and art sessions, Father Christmas coming with presents and family Christmas dinner at the long table together. A big thank you for all the staff that made it so special!

Home updates

We are very sorry to announce that the previous Activities organiser left so quickly without giving any feedback, we will carry on with every activity that was arranged.

Every cloud comes with a silver lining, Gen is so happy and proud to introduce Julie starting in due course! She already started to arrange activities and is getting to know every one of you. We have agreed to welcome every entertainer that comes in, continue with baking sessions, Rosie – aromatherapy and John with Quizzes. Every new member of staff brings the best for the home and all the residents, we are aiming for a trip every month and spring sale in April. We are looking forward to have children come visit for Easter from Weobley school.

Dementia Research

We are very happy to welcome Jacqueline from Dementia research to come on 24th of February at 12 md and give us a presentation how we could help to beat dementia. I would welcome all staff and relatives to come and join the meeting!

Thank you all for coming next residents meeting will be 26th of February 2020

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The Truth About Everything zines!!!

More than 30 sets of ‘The Truth About Everything’ zines have now been sold!.. featuring Forbury residents chatting about a variety of fascinating subjects from Flying saucers to how to deal with a threatening cow.  Thanks again to The Courtyard in Hereford and The Forbury for hosting such a wonderful project, it’s been a huge success! Limited sets of 6x zines are still available priced £5 for the complete set and selling fast.

Zine covers_Fotor

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Forbury photos!

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Christmas at the village hall

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February 10, 2020 · 7:59 pm