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Forbury new photos!

Residents enjoying Singing, chopping veg and knitting…

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Afternoon art session


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Preparing fruit and veg..


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Armchair Aerobics!

Residents enjoying an aerobic workout… (click on photos to enlarge)

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Forbury Residents Newsletter

23rd of October 2019

Those Present:

Residents: Ruby, Margaret, Liby, Avril, Mike, Jean, Mary, Jean P, Della, Julian, Laurie, Rita, Wilson.

Staff: Gen, Muriel, Elza

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody in the Residents Meeting. 

Flu vaccinations

Gen reminded everyone that Flu vaccination will be on 31st of October at 11am. They will be administered in the home by Emma Durmaz Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Gen has already made a poster and placed on the notice board. 

Knitters group

Once again thank you for everyone who enjoyed the knitting group and sharing a laugh and old memories. Marius organised a special brighter light in conservatory for the knitters. 

Baking is still a very popular and well attended activity, the weather is getting darker and colder, therefore more soups and cakes will be made. A special thank you for Jackie joining in the sessions, songs and laughter is heard outside the Forbury walls.


Rosie Aromatherapy 

Rosie is coming every Monday to see residents. Gen has booked Rosie to come in to do an activity on 7th of November (her poster is on the notice board). Everyone is very welcome!

Discussion groups

Muriel has started a group to talk about different topics on Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome to join. 

 John is coming on Fridays to do Quizzes and crosswords. He will be here most Fridays.

Sad news to hear that Jeanette will no longer be able to come for in to do art sessions for the next year as she will be working at St Michaels Hospice on a project. She will be very much missed and always welcome back.

Sandwich making

A special thanks for Mary O’Brien for voluntarily helping most days to make sandwiches for supper. We are very lucky and appreciate the involvement of residents.

Halloween party

We planned a party on 30th of October for Halloween. Andrew Dyer is book to come and entertain us. Pumpkin craving with children is book for 29th of October come to dining room it will be fun!!!

Party is on!! Please dress up, children are coming with Halloween outfit and can’t wait to show them. 


Christmas lunch and shopping

Christmas Party is on 19th of December and the entertainment is already booked. Christmas Shopping arranged on 10th of December at Wye Vale Garden Centre at 1:30pm.

Children are coming to sing Christmas Carols on 23rd of December at 4pm with Hilary. 

Other suggestions: 

Fish and Chips weekend will be planned for 25th of November on a Saturday evening. 

Gen reminded if residents have any worries or concerns always to speak their mind or see Gen in private. Residents said that they are comfortable and safe to talk in residents meeting regarding all concerns.  

Upcoming events arranged for October are:

Jane Bennet Laughter Yoga 14th of November.

Rosie entertainment on 7th of November. 

Dementia Friendly event at Baptist Church is on 18th of 


Lea G-Fitness group on 21st of November.

Holy Communion is on 27th of November.

John will be coming on Fridays for a Quiz in ‘Gallery of Happiness’. 

PRIORY church service on Sundays.

Thank you all for coming next residents meeting will be 20th  of November 2019

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