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Summer Garden Party

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‘The Truth About Everything’ zines

‘The Truth About Everything’ zines issues 1- 6 are now being printed up and will shortly be available to buy, details to follow.. this was a project funded by The Courtyard in Hereford which involved weekly sessions hosted by poet and Jon Seagrave and collage artist John Rose discussing a range of weird, wonderful and fascinating topics from space to horror films, life, the universe and animals and the truth about love with insightful contributions from residents including Della, Julian, Chris, Mary, Lydia, Avril, Norah, Sonja, Carrie, Wilson, Edna, Joan, Sonja, Pat and Jean. These sessions were recorded, transcribed and formatted into zines. The residents also contributed some amazing drawings for some of the illustrations.

Zine covers_Fotor

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Wyldwood Arts Project

Wyldwood Arts invited us to make fabric pictures to be included in a large banner for a theatre production called ‘May’.  Rosa May Billingshurst was a Suffragette, campaigning, marching and lobbying parliament for equal rights for women and especially the Vote. She was also disabled, from a young age, unable to use her legs after contracting Polio as a child. Our banner pictures are part of a large artwork being made with Jeanette Mcculloch for the theatre play called ‘May’ that is travelling to theatres including The Courtyard 8th November. 60 parts of the banner have already been made by other people, including reside3st The Forbury. ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover’ is our theme.

The photos show the sewn fabric collages and Ruby, Audrey and Margaret stitching and arranging their fabrics.. (click on photos to enlarge)..

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Forbury Activities October 2019


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October 2, 2019 · 12:00 pm

Residents Meeting September


27th September 2019

Those Present:

Residents: Pat, Audrey, Lydia, Norah, Jean P, Julian, Sheila, Della, Sonia, Jean M, Mary, Avril, Muriel P, Margaret, Liby, Ruby.

Staff: Gen, Jill, Camilia

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody in the Residents Meeting and also welcomed Muriel Palmer back from her holidays.

Gen thanked everyone for taking part in the Strawberry fete and said that we raised £314.44!… residents were encouraged to think what they would like to do with the money. Ideas for trips, projects, activity improvements etc. Jill will check with Muriel and finish making a thank you card for everyone who supported in the Strawberry fete.

Flu vaccinations

Gen thanked everyone for giving consents relating Flu vaccinations, they will be administered in the home by Emma Durmaz Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Gen will make a poster and place on notice board once the date is known.

Knitters group

This is going very well, there is a lovely photo and an article in Hereford Times. Gen will approach nurseries to see if they wanted anything made. Margaret would like to wait for a while because she has orders already to catch up.

Baking is still a very popular and well attended activity, the weather is getting darker and colder, therefore more soups and cakes will be made.

Rosie Aromatherapy

She is coming every Monday to see residents. Gen has booked Rosie to come to do an activity of 7th of November (her poster is on the notice board).

Discussion groups

Muriel has started a group to talk about different topics on Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome to join. Discussion group was suggested by Wilson’s family, thank you Lesley!

Jeanette and John are coming on Fridays to do the art and a Quiz. They will be here most of Fridays.  John will do a special Halloween Quiz at the end of October.

Sandwich making

Gen asked residents to join in making sandwiches for supper, e.g. to help with butter the bread. Volunteers were: Avril, Audrey and Margaret, residents can take turns.

Halloween party

We are planning a party at the end of October for Halloween. We are waiting for entertainers to confirm. Ideas are welcome!

Christmas lunch and shopping

Jill is going to look into this and will get a menu from the Talbot and see about booking. Jill will also plan a Christmas shopping trip perhaps to Wyevale Garden Centre, because the decoration and theme is very festive. Jill will try to get some carol singers.

Other suggestions: towels and flannels were renewed, Margaret asked for better lighting for knitting. Gen has a special lamp for that. Also that one day fish and chips did not taste nice, Gen has send a feedback form.

Gen reminded if residents have any worries or concerns always to speak their mind or see Gen in private.

Jill and Muriel welcomed all residents to come up with ideas and suggestion on activities what to do.

Upcoming events arranged for October are:

Jane Bennet Laughter Yoga 17th of October.

Organ/Keyboard recycle at the Priory 12md on 11th of October

Dementia Friendly event at Baptist Church is on 21st of October.

Holy Communion is on 30th of October.

John and Jeanette will be coming back to us and will continue with art in the conservatory and Quiz in ‘Gallery of Happiness’.

PRIORY church service on Sundays.

Thank you all for coming next residents meeting will be 23rd of October 2019

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