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Summer tea dance

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Flower Arranging..

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Artists at work..

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July 23, 2018 · 12:00 pm

Cartographic Love Letters exhibition…

cart 1

‘Cartographic Love Letters’…this is a wonderful exhibition of writer-in-residence Marsha O’Mahony texts inspired by residents in The Forbury Care Home in Leominster. Jeanette McCulloch and John Rose designed A2 ‘posters’ for each written piece. Check Leominster library for opening times.

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Dog visit!

A dog visitor from Pets for Therapy came in to meet Forbury residents.

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Baking cakes!

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July 18, 2018 · 9:41 am

July Calendar


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July 10, 2018 · 4:15 pm

Residents meeting June 2018

26th June 2018

Those Present:

Mary Pierrepont, Chris Leeson, Norah Gibson, Della Squires, Julian Partridge, Leokadia Butler, Daphne Bird, Selina Bohannan, Norman Chick, James Anderson, Valerie Hands, Audrey Denis, June Gwynne, Patricia Clarke, Sara Snow, Jean Poiner with Her Son Adrian, James and Iris Sisley

Gen Bujokiene, Jillian Prothero, Muriel Perks, Kerry Williams

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody in the residents meeting outside in the Garden. Gen suggested to have Ice-Cream and drinks in between.

Gen reminded that we are here to help and support and make residents life happy. If anyone had a worry or concern or an idea for improvement you are welcome to see Gen/Kerry/Grace at any time. Comment and suggestion box is by visitors signing in book if a matter needs to be addressed in private and confident manner.

Tea Dance

Muriel said that everyone enjoyed the tea party and dance. She was very grateful for everyone coming including the families. Rachel Freeman has invited us to come back in October time. This project will be involving local school and hope residents will have the most pleasure out of it.

Muriel and Jill will come round and ask for feedback and any comments from Tea Dance as Rachel Freeman requested. It will enable her to carry on with Tea Dance in future.


Jill and Muriel asked for ideas for trips: residents suggested Ludlow Castle, Boat Trip, Small Breads farm, West Midlands Safari Park, Queenswood again, Wyevale Garden Centre. Jill and Muriel will come round and ask everyone including residents that are not joining in the meeting.

Leominster News

Muriel explained about Leominster News, it is a monthly local magazine. Muriel has made some enquiries and we could place two articles every month to share with the community what we do at the Forbury and possible invite local communities to join in the projects. Jill and Muriel will ask everyone’s consents to put pictures in.

Exercise Group

Jane and Leah are coming very often and all residents enjoy this group and get involved.

Further Entertainment

Banjo Brian is coming to entertain us on 16th of July as he is very missed and a grate entertainer.

John Rose to come back soon but he is currently very busy with the Ledbury festival. He says hello and wishes everyone well.

Summer Tea Party 7th of July, we are invited by the Priory Church, garden Party at the Old Rectory. We did go last year and had a wonderful time. The home will encourage as much as possible residents to join in and inform families to support as well.


Muriel thanked everyone for taking part in baking every Monday and that a lovely time was had by all!!!


Jill has started a book club again and she is very excited with everyone so keen to join in. It is a definitely a wonderful come back project!!!


Kerry asked if anybody had concerns or worries they wanted to bring up in the meeting.


Kerry was very happy to announce that Marius is working on a new project, that there is going to be an enclosed garden out the back.

Ona has been very busy with flower, salads and herbs in our green house for the garden. If any residents go into the garden please have a look. The sandwiches are made from our own grown herbs and cucumbers, and we are able to enjoy our own salad!!! We must say a big thank you ONA to what she has done. And all the same to Marius to watering the plants and looking after the water feature.

Adrian has offered himself to help Marius with gardening at the Back, it is much appreciated.

Staff Training

Muriel and Jill are having a new training in July to learn different ideas and activities. There are few training session arranged for the rest of the staff in July, ‘Gallery of Happiness’ will out of use, but only for a half day. Sorry for inconvenience. Trainings are open to everyone from the Home to attend.

Thank you all for coming

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