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enjoying the sunshine..

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September 17, 2018 · 11:45 am

Baking (and eating) cakes..

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The Forbury Flower Garden..

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September 10, 2018 · 1:11 pm

Residents Newsletter

29th of August 2018

Those Present:

Mary Pierrepont, Chris Leeson, Norah Gibson, Della Squires, Julian Partridge, Leokadia Butler, Selina Bohannan, Norman Chick, Patricia Clarke, Sara Snow, Jean Poiner with Her Son Adrian, Michael Price, Hilda Ashdown-Sharp, Marjorie Clements,

Gen Bujokiene, Muriel Perks, Rasa Bernataviciute

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody in the residents meeting.

Gen reminded that we are here to help and support and make residents life happy. If anyone had a worry or concern or an idea for improvement you are welcome to see Gen/Kerry at any time. Comment and suggestion box is by visitors signing in book if a matter needs to be addressed in private and confident manner.

Change of Surgeries

Gen has shared the good news about GP scheme. Our main GP surgery is Westfield Surgery and named Dr will be either Dr Claire Cathcart or Dr Tom Donegam. A very good nurse Practitioner Emma Durmaz is coming every Thursday at 2pm and is available to see every resident as long as there is a little warning earlier on that day. Gen is able to send fax to surgery and request a visit. It does not mean that Doctor will not come to visit our residents; it will mean that the help will be more organised and efficient. Gen has done an information notice on the board for all residents and relatives by visitors signing in book.

Fire drill

Gen has asked all the residents to take part in organised Fire drill for staff at the end of September. It is very important for staff and residents feel assured that staff are confident in even of the fire. Gen and Kerry will go round the home and inform residents staying in their room, so it should go as smoothly as possible.

Home updates

Gen has shared with residents that there is a deputy assistant appointed to start in the middle of September. Please welcome Katie Hammond to our home. Katie will come and meet all residents at some point and get to know everyone in due course. She will be supporting the management team.

Flowers on the doors

Thanks to Rasa and Tara wanting to learn just a little more has joined other home in some training and they suggested to introduce some ideas to our home. Gen has spoken to Jeanette and she has done wonderful textile flowers together with residents to go on the door by the name. It reminds staff that those residents have DNACPR notice in place. Residents agreed that it is a wonderful and respectful idea.

Gen is working on another project as well and it is to have an Angel hanging on by the main door, it is to that staff, residents are aware that we have lost a resident and we are sorry for their loss. Muriel agreed that is a wonderful idea and Gen encouraged residents to think of what kind of Angel it may be.


5th of September the trip is organised to Oakchurch garden Centre. Muriel thanked everyone who wanted to come along and very grateful to families supporting and willing to join in trips.

Jill and Muriel is getting in touch with Willow Trust and organising a trip on a Willow boat, Gloucester Canal.

Leominster News

Muriel explained about Leominster News, it is a monthly local magazine. Muriel has made some enquiries and we could place two articles every month to share with the community what we do at the Forbury and possible invite local communities to join in the projects. Jill and Muriel will ask everyone’s consents to put pictures in.

The First article will be published in October with Mr Clive Berry poem. Muriel is so grateful for residents being involved and joining in activities.

Exercise Group

Jane and Leah are coming very often and all residents enjoy this group and get involved. As well as Lu Lu with Carol (dog therapy) and ‘Cats for comfort’ with Lynne.

Further Entertainment

Banjo Brian is coming to entertain us on 28th of September as he is very missed and a great entertainer.

Mr Haw Knight guitarist will come for the first time on 11th of September, please come and enjoy!

John Rose and Johnny to come back with another project in January next year.

Turn the Beat around’ project is starting from 10th of September for 10 weeks every Monday afternoon. So baking session is moved to Wednesday afternoons now.

Exhibition ‘Love Letters’ at the library was an amazing project and Muriel is grateful to Jeanette, John and Marsha and all residents that took part in the project. The book is available to buy, please see Gen for further details.


Jill has started a book club again and she is very excited with everyone so keen to join in. It is a definitely a wonderful come back project!!! So join in every Thursday afternoon in the ‘Gallery of Happiness’.

Muriel is starting a new project involving residents and their families called ‘’Celebration about First World War’. Muriel already got liaised with Military shop and they will be able to lend us military uniforms and other stuff. Mr Ronald Moore, Norah’s son-in-law is very involved and will support us with this project and we are very grateful.

Gen, Muriel and Jill are continuously working with other agencies and looking for volunteers to join our team.

Thank you all for coming

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Mary’s 90th Birthday party!

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September 3, 2018 · 9:47 am

Bingo session!

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September 3, 2018 · 9:23 am