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A Game of Hoops..

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Friday treats for staff for their amazing job and dedication 💕💕💕

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May 23, 2021 · 3:02 pm

Word games 🧐

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May 20, 2021 · 2:35 pm

Happy Birthday Suzie 💕💕💕

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May 18, 2021 · 9:11 am

Art and Games!

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Treats ♥️♥️♥️

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Jigsaw puzzles and friends chatting..

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Relaxing foot spa..

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Residents Meeting

APRIL 2021

Residents Present:

Avril M, Jock A, Iris F, Chris L, Sheila R, Jean M, Beryl C, Mary O, Suzie, Gwen, Edna, Lydia, Audrey, Miriam, Doris, Muriel, Wilson.

Staff Present:

Home Manager Gen, Social Wellbeing and Activities Co-Ordinator Julie.


Residents apologies sent for not being able to attend this time Julian P, Rita, and Joan C.

Meeting Opening:

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody and saying how nice it was to see everyone together. It has been four weeks since our last meeting and we have been lucky to see some spring sunshine which has brought smiles to everyone. Some residents asked if Gen could remove her mask to make it easier to hear, Gen explained the reasons why she could not do this some residents were a little confused, but we explained the situation.

Achievements since our last Meeting:

Gen ran through some of the achievements since our last meeting and was incredibly pleased with what we have achieved. We have welcomed back our hairdresser Janet, Muriel’s Hairdresser has been provisionally booked for a little later, named visiting without the screens is now up and running, garden visits and residents being able to sit out on the patio one at a time, also residents that have mobility scooters are allowed to go in the garden on them when there are no visits, Vision Call Opticians are booked to come to the home on the 6th May, Marius has been replacing lots of seat pads and done an audit with Mr. Lutton so that we can order some new things that the home needs, Ona, one of our domestics has been busy in the garden and started planting, we have actioned to memory projects and also planned Dementia week for the 17th May in the diary finally the Fire alarm call points have been replaced where needed and so have the smoke detectors.

Home Closure/Opening up:

Gen discussed the Lockdown of the home and how well everyone is coping with it – residents and staff. There is at present no advice or plan in place to allow any further opening of the home or for residents to access the community. This instruction has been given to us by the Hereford Health Authority allowing only essential outings such as Hospital appointments when a member of staff will accompany a resident where necessary. The district Nurses continue to come to the home to meet residents needs such as dressing etc. and continue to follow all the necessary precautions. We look forward to the 17th May when the government will be announcing the lifting of more restrictions hopefully and the guidance for Covid-19 restrictions will be reviewed. As soon as we are made aware of any changes, we will inform you and as soon as we allowed to access the community, we will of course plan to take residents into the community. All the rules are from the government and passed through the local authorities and until we have their authority, we cannot change anything.

Covid-19 Update

Staff continue to be tested 3 times a week and residents once a month. Temperature checks are still taken daily normally at lunch time for residents and on entry to the building for all staff or visiting health professionals. Masks must still be worn by all staff to ensure everyone’s safety. There are currently no cases in Hereford Care homes according to data received. Doris was telling us about Boris Johnson being asked to resign over government issues and shared how she felt that he has done very well during the Covid pandemic.

Infection Control, Hygiene and Cleaning

Gen was incredibly pleased to say that extra measures have been taken to ensure continual cleaning of all surfaces, frames, furniture etc. and that Night Staff, Day Staff and Domestics are working together, and everyone’s efforts are appreciated. There are also extra measures in place for cleaning of the visiting pod, visiting room and garden furniture when anyone has had a visit or sat outside. Hand hygiene and oral care are particularly important, and staff are encouraging and helping residents with this. Doris said that she would like to have a bath or shower more often that once a week is not enough.

Activities within the home

There has been a positive increase on ideas from residents and staff regarding mutual engagement with each other on a one-to-one basis. Chris L said she does love a good quiz and word games, but quizzes are her favourite, Mary O said she would love to be able to go out for a walk and misses this very much but still really enjoys our baking sessions, Doris suggested maybe we could play pub billiards, bowls indoors or an old game called bag a tail. One to one activity seems to be increasing and things like playing dominies, draughts, doing puzzles and foot spas were all suggested by residents. Muriel said please do not promise one to one activity maybe just offer them as we can do them as it can be disappointing, and she knows how quickly things can change daily. Avril still likes to knit and maybe we could set up a knitting session where residents get together to knit and have coffee. Singing together, quizzes and baking are still the most popular activities and most attended. Ball games, skittles, hook a cone and gentle chair exercise also seem to encourage group attendance. We are still all very much missing our outside activity friends that used to visit the home such as Rosie with Aromatherapy and movement to music, Banjo Brian with his music and singing and John our Friday Quiz master we hope to be able to welcome them all back later this year as Covid restrictions are lifted. Rosie is still providing us with a magazine called The Meeting post monthly and uploading some movement to music videos. John’s partner Jeanette has embarked on a lovely new memory project called ‘Delights’ and has involved us in this, Julie has been coming to see you with cards to write your most delightful or happy memory from your past on and is now posting them back to Jeanette and they will be producing a book of all our memories and memories from residents in other residential homes. A second memory jar project is also in place and this will be part of Dementia week in May, we will be starting on these over the coming weeks. Doris said that one thing she misses very much is being able to go out and go out with family for coffee or meals and hopes it will not be long before she can go outside and do these things again.

Food within the Home:

Miriam, Muriel, Doris, and Jean all commented on how nice the food is and that it is always lovely and hot and that they were always given a choice and the choices of sandwiches at teatime was also incredibly good. Doris said the yoghurts were beautiful, but could they please have some ice cream Gen said that ice cream is always available from the kitchen and if they asked, they could have it. They all suggested that it would be nice to have some salads especially at teatime for change and maybe have it with a pork pie or even a ploughman’s and have salad cream and mayonnaise available to go with it. They would also like to have something like crackerbread, rivita or crackers that they could have with some cheese and pickle as a teatime choice.


We have plenty of stock of oral hygiene products, glasses wipes and hearing aid batteries if residents need them. If you need any other shopping you can either do it online where possible, ask a relative or friend to get it and drop it off or speak to a staff member and we can organise to get it for you.

Any Other Thoughts or Questions

Can we look at the placement of clean towels and face clothes in bedrooms as staff bring a clean one in the morning that is than used and they take it for washing and then residents seem to be left without clean ones. Maybe when the domestics are changing beds, they could check there is a towel and flannel and if not put one in.

Meeting Close

Gen closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and saying that she wants everyone within the home residents and staff to feel at ease and included and that it has been lovely to see staff giving positive care and bringing laughter to us all and residents interacting with each other and enjoying activities. There are comment slips with envelopes available by the notice board if you would like to express anything in a private and confidential manner, or if you have any worries or concerns, please speak to a staff member or myself and we will do our absolute best to help you.

The next residents meeting will be in May in The Gallery of Happiness.

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