Date: 25th February 2022
Time: 2pm
Staff: Gen and Harriet
In Attendance: Pat, Muriel, Julian, Wilson, Eric, Jean S, Alice, Lydia, Jean P, John, Mary O’B, Jean M, Hilda, Jean M

• Our visions
• Celebrating The Forbury’s Birthday 40 YEARS!
• Covid updates
• Questions from clients
• If anyone has any concerns.
Meeting minutes:
Gen started with welcoming everyone
Our visions for this year:
We are going to celebrate the Forbury home’s birthday of 40 years! We are planning to have a BBQ in the garden (weather permitted) lots of games, singing, tombola etc.. And hopefully if restrictions ease off, we can invite families to come a join our celebration.

We explained that we have spoken with Mr Lutton and he agreed to get us some news outdoor seating such as benches and tables.

We are also going to celebrate:
Valentine ’s Day
Pancake Day
Easter Sunday
Mother and Father’s Day.
Queen’s jubilee.
Remembrance Day

Gen explained to the residents that there is norovirus around Leominster at the moment just to make sure we are washing hands regularly and if anyone gets loose bowels or sickness they will have to isolate in their bedroom for 48hours.
Covid updates: Gen explained we would like everyone to wear a mask when doing shopping, hospital appointments due to being crowded places, wash hands, use hand gel, monitor health for coughs and cold symptoms, headaches as well. Gen encouraged to speak to Team leaders if any symptoms develop.
Gen wanted to thank everyone for their co-operation with the COVID outbreak, the staff managed very well it was really hard for staff and residents I am super proud of everyone. She said how happy she was that everyone had their vaccines, which alleviated covid symptoms. Special thanks to all staff working together and supporting residents to build their mental and physical health after isolations in bedrooms and post covid symptoms.
Gen also explained how residents do not have to self-isolate when they come back from any appointments.
Gen thanked all the domestics for doing a deep clean of the entire home! Once again so proud with the team and thanks to residents relatives for support!

Questions from residents and answers:
Pat Cobb- “do we have a choice about having a forth vaccine” Gen said we will know more in due course, as the surgery have not given any updates.
Muriel said she would like to congratulate the kitchen staff again for always having hot meals, she said she would like to have hot cross buns for tea time and some cream crackers.
Doris asked if we could make hot cross buns.
Doris also asked if someone could make her window easier to open.

Action Plan:
Facebook Page development
Doris (dog) visits
Developing Conservatory
Work to start in the Green House (Eric (resident) in charge)
Planning for Violets and Phyllis Birthdays 100’s
More one to one time

Date: March 28th 2022
Time: 2pm
Staff : Harriet Sims Gen B, Sara Barnett.
In Attendance:
Pat c, Chris L, Julian, Muriel, Hilda, Derek, Jean S, Mary OB, Avril, John, Dorothy L, Jean M, Suzie, Doris, Eric
• Mayor coming to opening the bar 14.04.2022
• Covid Updates
• Conservatory upgrades
• Supper ideas
• Doris (dog) visits
• Questions

Meeting minutes:
Covid updates: 22nd March new guidelines came out but they are the same rules.
Staff still have to wear masks when in the building with residents but when outside pushing a wheelchair or spending time in the garden staff do not have to wear them only if they come close with the resident. Next month we will be carrying out with once a month PCR testing for all residents. As it will be 90days since we had the outbreak. Gen explained that staff are LFT testing every day before coming into work, wearing masks, temperature check, hand hygiene.
Booster jabs: Gen explained that we will be having the fourth vaccine soon, Doris asked if it is compulsory Gen explained it is not but we do advise you strongly to have it.

Gen explained that we are getting a lot more take-out meals and going out for lunches and if anyone would like a take away or to go for lunch just to ask Harriet.
April the 21st Rosie is coming to do Movement to Music.
We are going to start early and put decorations up for the Jubilee.
We are hoping for better weather so we can enjoy more activities outside.
Gen said about the Forbury Facebook page how it is good for families who can’t be here all the time to see what their loved ones are up to.
Gen said she was very proud of everyone who took part in the Fire drill today, special thanks for residents for cooperation.
There is an article in Hereford Times about Phyllis and Violet making it to their 100th birthday, Harriet will make a poster in due course.
Gen explained to everyone that Marius has fixed the benches outside so they are safe to sit on; she asked if anyone would like to volunteer to paint the benches. Julian said he would love to do it.
Residents’ questions:
Eric asked what is the bar going to be called? We said we would get everyone together and come to name
Muriel asked if the twigs and leaves could be moved from by the electric scooters, we reassured her this would be done.
Gen asked about what sort of sandwiches would you like to have for tea time?
Julian: cheese and tomato and salmon spreads are his favorite.
Muriel: asked for more salad, lettuce, tomatoes cucumber and peppers.
Doris : asked if we could get some blocks of cheese so she can have some cheese.
Pat : she said she would like beetroot and cheese sandwiches,
Gen asked about cheese and pickle everyone replied yes!
Harriet reminded that baking sessions in the afternoon are very well attended and she will add, e.g. making fruit jelly, soups, and cakes for supper time.
Residents encouraged to rise concerns if they have any worries around their care, health, general feeling with in the home, more ideas relating activities and how they would like to enjoy their days here.
Doris (dog) visit this month is a highlight of the Forbury residents and staff. Smiles, cuddles and love are unmeasurable.
Action Plan:
The Bar opening and creating a new name for the bar – ideas welcome!
Rosie’s visit
Jubilee planning
Continue with pamper mornings, hymn singing, chair exercises, baking
More one to time and going out as much as possible
Eric to continue with garden house and flower pots
Easter Celebration

Next meeting 29th of April 2022

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