Residents meeting

MARCH 2021

Residents Present:

Wilson, Jean M, Muriel, Avril M, Chris L, Rita R, Joy, Iris, Edna, Gwen, Julian, Lydia, and Sheila.

Staff Present:

Home Manager Gen, Julie, and Kate.

Meeting Opening:

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody and noting that it is now mid way through Spring and the weather is getting better with some beautiful sunshine and it was lovely to see everyone together. We are now looking to the future and hope for better times ahead.

Home Closure:

Gen discussed the Lockdown of the home and how well everyone is coping with it – residents and staff. There is at present no advice or plan in place to allow any further opening of the home or for residents to access the community. This instruction has been given to us by the Hereford Health Authority allowing only essential outings such as Hospital appointments when a member of staff will accompany a resident where necessary.

Covid-19 Update

Gen informed everyone that most of the staff had now had their Covid vaccine and there are only a few that at present either cannot or are unsure of having them and only two residents have not had theirs, all new residents have been vaccinated before arrival with us and we would like to welcome them to our home. Staff continue to be tested 3 times a week and residents once a month. Temperature checks are still taken daily normally at lunch time for residents and on entry to the building for all staff or visiting health professionals. Masks must still be worn by all staff to ensure everyone’s safety.

Covid-19 Visiting Update

With some national restrictions lifting from the 12th of April with all retail opening and hair and beauty we look forward to better times ahead. We have now introduced named visiting where one designated friend or relative will be able to visit you in a safe room with no screen. This will run alongside our Safety pod visiting and will be available Monday to Friday at 11am and 2pm, where named visiting is happening your visitor will be asked to arrive half an hour before there visiting time to enable us to carry out the covid test and have the necessary waiting time for the result. Full risk assessment is available should you wish to read and the full procedure of what your relative/friend and you will be expected to do. As a quick outline for you, once your visitor has showed a negative test result, they will be asked to wear full protection of apron, gloves, and mask that we will provide, and they will be seated at the opposite site of the table maintaining 2 metre distance. Staff will then assist you to the visiting room and again yourself and staff will have to wear apron, gloves and mask and staff member will remain with you during the visit. At this time, it is not recommended for there to be any contact between yourself and the visitor to maintain everyone’s safety. We have uploaded the relevant details to The Forbury Times Blog for your friends and relatives to see. After each visit our domestic team will go to the visiting room and clean and disinfect everything before the next visit. We are hoping now the better weather is coming to allow garden visits like we did last year and that residents will be able to sit outside one at a time with a staff member where needed, also those residents that have mobility scooters will be allowed to take them around the garden for a run but at present we are still not allowed out into the community. Please note that all post, parcels, and gifts that arrive at the home still must be quarantined for 72 hours before we can pass them on to residents. We understand those of you that watch the news have seen that it is being said that visitors are allowed into the home unfortunately it is not that easy and there is a lot of guidance that must be followed to maintain everyone’s safety. Julian commented that all our measures in the extra cleaning and the safety measures in place have paid off. Gen replied that it is due to everyone’s cooperation staff and residents and how well everyone has followed the rules during these difficult times and that we are immensely proud as a home to have stayed Covid free since the very beginning of the pandemic back in February 2020.

Achievements within the Home:

We look forward to being able to welcome back our hairdresser Janet on 14th April and then every Wednesday after, she will of course be complying with all covid-19 regulations, wearing a mask, and ensuring best possible practice. We have had Tariq the chiropodist taking care of residents’ feet and this is on a weekly basis and he is also following all Covid regulations. We will be welcoming back Vision Call Opticians on May 6th to do our eye tests in line with Covid restrictions being lifted gradually and all relevant risk assessments will be in place. We are also welcoming back our staff trainer Helen who will be tested on entry and follow all covid risk assessments and will hold staff training sessions in the far lounge. There has also been a positive increase on ideas from residents and staff regarding mutual engagement with each other on a one-to-one basis. Singing together, quizzes and baking are still the most popular activities and most attended. We would like to thank Holly from our kitchen staff, who is now doing one afternoon a week on activities to bring in some new ideas help with exercise, craft sessions and other activities.

Infection Control, Hygiene and Cleaning

Gen was incredibly pleased to say that extra measures have been taken to ensure continual cleaning of all surfaces, frames, furniture etc. and that Night Staff, Day Staff and Domestics are working together, and everyone’s efforts are appreciated. There are also extra measures in place for cleaning of the visiting pod and visiting room. Hand hygiene and oral care are particularly important, and staff are encouraging and helping residents with this. Muriel asked if it would be possible to have some new flannels and hand towels as some are getting worn and could we ensure that residents get fresh ones every morning after the used ones are taken away. Gen said she will talk to domestics and staff and make sure this is done and will purchase new flannels and towels as soon as possible.

Life in the Forbury what we like and what we miss.

Gen asked residents for their comments on what they are enjoying in the home and what they are missing during this lockdown.

Lydia – Misses being able to go out for walks in the community and going to the charity shops.

Iris – Likes the meals and staff but misses home.

Wilson – Very lucky to have his own phone and be able to contact family and friends whenever he likes and can-do face time with them. Misses the quiz with John on a Friday.

Jean M – Loved being able to watch the horse racing on TV. Talking with Sheila about horses.

Avril M – Likes to keep busy so she does not get bored, enjoys being able to do jobs like laying tables and folding napkins, also enjoys the quizzes and word games but is missing being able to get out in the fresh air.

Chris L – Likes to take part in helping the staff with their assessments for their NVQs and reporting how well they did. It is nice to be able to help those that help us.

Rita R – Settling in well, enjoys everything, loves all the girls and loves having a laugh and joke with them. Meals are great and routine. Misses her dogs.

Julian – Happy with everything and tries to join in with activities where he can, missing not being able to go out on his scooter or into town.

Shelia R – Loves her visits with Lucinda her daughter, talking about Horses, joining in with painting, quizzes, and cooking. Misses most not being able to go outside or have touch contact with Lucinda.

Kate Staff Member – Very happy to have joined us and be part of our Forbury Family, could we have some more games to play one to one.

Activities within the home

We are still all very much missing our outside activity friends that used to visit the home such as Rosie with Aromatherapy and movement to music, Banjo Brian with his music and singing and John our Friday Quiz master we hope to be able to welcome them all back later this year as Covid restrictions is lifted. Rosie has been providing us with a magazine called The Meeting post monthly and uploading some movement to music videos. John’s wife Janette has just embarked on a lovely new memory project which she has involved us in Julie will be coming to see you with cards to write your most delightful or happy memory from your past on and getting you to colour in the pictures. We will be sending these back to Janette and they will be producing a book off all our memories and memories from residents in other homes. A second memory jar project is also in place and this will be part of Dementia week in May, and we hope to be able to share our jars in a display in the Forbury Rooms to help promote Dementia awareness. One of our staff members Alayna is going to bring a karaoke microphone for us to have some more fun with in our singalong sessions. Gen is going to speak to Ona one of our domestic staff to organise some gardening activities like seed planting. Quizzes, baking, arts and crafts, painting, colouring, one to one games etc will all continue and if anyone has any more ideas or suggestions for activities within the home please let us know.


We have plenty of stock of oral hygiene products, glasses wipes and hearing aid batteries if residents need them. If you need any other shopping you can either do it online where possible, ask a relative or friend to get it and drop it off or speak to a staff member and we can organise to get it for you.

Any Other Thoughts or Questions

Muriel asked about the screws in the dining area windows and if we can have them taken out now to allow some fresh air in Gen will investigate this for us. Gen has purchased new aprons for those that require or need them, and Marius is replacing seat pads in the dining room to freshen and make them easier to clean, Mr. Luton has been carrying out an audit and will a little at a time be replacing armchairs that are worn and the dining room furniture,

Meeting Close

Gen closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and saying that she wants everyone within the home residents and staff to feel at ease and included during these difficult times and that it has been lovely to see staff giving positive care and bringing laughter to us all and residents interacting with each other and enjoying activities. Please try not to read too much into the news reports about the virus and remember how lucky we are to be here together, and all support each other. Muriel Thanked us all for keeping everyone safe and realises that we are one of the rare homes that has stayed Covid free since the beginning and again thanked us all. There are comment slips with envelopes available by the notice board if you would like to express anything in a private and confidential manner.

The next residents meeting will be in April in The Gallery of Happiness.

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