Polite notice to all visitors

Please complete the required paperwork handed to you by staff, whilst you wait for your test results prior to entry Priory Croft visiting room. You will need to undertake a temperature test.

We have decided to track all visits this way in a bid to keep us all safe. This document will need to signed each time for every visit.

We have the right to decline any visits from going ahead if you cannot comply with our protocols to keep everyone safe. If your temperature check is 37.5 or higher, you will not be permitted to go ahead with your visit until your temperature check is within normal range.

No food or drink is permitted onto premised at this time. Please do not bring drinks for yourself. All gifts will remain for 72 hours and then will be given to resident.

After 30 min staff will check LFD test results and will guide you to place a mask, Apron, gloves if you are coughing we will provide you with a visor as per guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation. I am sure you understand our reasons to undertake these measures at this time.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

All staff at The Forbury

Genovaite Bujokiene

The Forbury Residential Home

Procedure for staff for ā€˜Named visitingā€™

Only senior to conduct LFD tests, staff to observe visit.

  • Guide ā€˜named visitorā€™ to the Priory Croft.
  • Ask Visitor to wash their hands on entry.
  • Ask the visitor to read and sign consent form for LFD testing, maintain 2 meter distance as far as possible.
  • Take temperature and record on check list chart.
  • Place one barcode on the record chart and one on the LFT device.
  • Staff need to wash hands and place apron, visor and gloves on.
  • Take LFD swab from mouth and nose as per instruction leaflet, a copy is available for visitor as well.
  • Senior to remove PPE off and wash hands.
  • Leave visitor in the waiting (corridor) area for 30 min.
  • Senior to check LFD results if negative then ask visitor to place apron, gloves, and mask on as per instruction (we provide all PPE).
  • Ask visitor to go directly to visiting room – left side on the room.
  • Bring the resident to waiting room, and place gloves and mask on and equally put PPE on yourself.
  • Stay with resident at all times in room, no hugging or kissing, help with communication if required, MASKS MUST be worn all times.
  • After a visit, please remove PPE for a resident and use either alko gel or wash residentā€™s hands and return to main building.
  • Ask visitor to leave afterwards, there are instructions on how to remove PPE off, and wash hands.
  • Ask visitor to allow time for a resident to leave.

Full guidance for visitors available:–2

All gifts must be given to staff and kept for 72 hours in the safe place before given to residents, no food.

Families are to notify the home who will be the ā€˜named visitorā€™

Families are to book an appointment from Monday to Friday 11am and 2pm.

Covid safe visiting is still available as before.

Full cleaning will take place at 10am and 1pm by the home domestic personnel on a daily basis.

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