Memory Jar Project



Look out on The Forbury Times Blog for updates on this amazing project we have joined.

The main purpose of the project is to enable our residents to bring back to life some of their treasured memories and store keep sakes in their jars which they can in turn share with relatives and friends and look back on with staff and engage in telling us all about that memory. We hope to add items to our jars such as a small piece of cloth, a piece of soap etc. that when they take out and hold it will help to spark a memory for us to talk about. We are excited to be able to do this with our residents and are looking forward to hearing their wonderful memories of years gone by.

I would like to thank Rachel Freeman from Everybody Dance and who also works closely with Leominster Meeting Centre for bringing us the Memory jar boxes and an amazing idea. We in turn hope to share the jars in the future with Rachel to display for Dementia awareness week in May.

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