*Important message for residents family members

Re-Introduction of Temporary Lock-down


Please excuse the impersonal nature of this Notice – it is produced for urgent circulation to the relatives and/or to the next-of kin and/or to friends who visit our Residents.

Very sadly, you will no doubt have heard or read in the National Media of the recent resurgence of this nasty disease and in particular the vulnerability of persons of mature age, with or without underlying health issues, to the disease – especially those in residential or nursing care.

Although, currently, we are given to understand that, geographically, the worst affected areas are in the North of the Country and in Central London, the fear is that the resurgence will become more widespread and may become more local. Indeed, in the last few days we have received a report that two employees at a local Doctors’ surgery in Leominster have proved positive to the disease. That has served purpose to remind us that we cannot allow ourselves to become complacent about this disease and, at least presently, our journey toward returning to ‘normality’ is still not within safe reach.

Needless to have to say, there has been no shortage of National and Local guidance coming to us over the last few days (and we know that yet more is on its way) in which the common message is very clear – bolt the hatches; secure the Home from as many non-essential visits as possible and reintroduce maximum precautions to best safeguard the virus free health of our residents.


With immediate effect we have suspended, at least for the time being, all visits to the Home otherwise than for our own staff; essential medical and specialist repair personnel.

That has not been an easy decision for us – but it is a decision which the guidance has encouraged us to take and which we do consider to be in the very best interests of all our residents

To date, we have been very fortunate to remain a COVID–19 free Home (in no small measure due to the dedication of all our staff who have worked tirelessly to achieve that). Our aim and sincere hope is to remain that way.

[Issued for distribution 14/9/20]

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