A message

Working in a care setting or as a carer it is our absolute privilege to meet some truly amazing people with the most incredible life stories, characters and quirks.
We build a bond, a special unexplainable bond, to us they are an extended part of our own families.
These people are heroes in their own right, with the lives they have lived, and we are so incredibly lucky to be able to be there to comfort and support them in their times of need.
They are the heroes to me.
They trust us to hear all about their lives, their memories, their fears and their families to the point where we know people they talk about that we have never met.
They trust us to care for them and keep them safe on a daily basis.
To be there in hard times when they need someone more than ever, however saddening, is a good feeling, to know that you are making a difference.
They may not be our family but each and every one of the people you care for touches your heart, in an indescribable way.
To all my family, friends, and colleagues past and present you are amazing, and keep doing what you are doing as you really are making a difference to these amazing people we are lucky to know, and to spend time with every day.
All of their memories and stories will go on for years through us, telling stories about this incredible person we had the privilege of spending time with and the memories we have of them.
By E. Smith

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