Residents meeting 6 May

6th MAY 2020

Present at meeting

Residents: Sonia, Avril, Libby, Jean.P, Beryl, Jean M, Mary, Alice, Gwen, Edna, Margaret, Ruby, Julian, Chris L, Hilda.

Staff Present at meeting

Meeting Led by Gen, Julie, Maria, Sara, Dawn, Lucy, Aurelija.

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody to the Residents Meeting, also welcomed Julie who started with us in February as our Social wellbeing and activities co-ordinator.

Gen discussed the closure of the home to all outside visitors and entertainment due to the current Corona Virus, as we have now been shut for 6 weeks. Thanked everyone for all their hard work in complying with the restrictions and explained that we are having updates everyday on the situation and the government will update at the weekend if any restrictions can be lifted. We are hoping that in the third week of May we should have a little more freedom. Gen expressed that it is a sad time for all and very hard but hopefully it will be over soon.

Infection control and cleaning

Gen was very pleased to say that extra measures have been taken in cleaning and ensuring all surfaces, frames, furniture etc are cleaned continually, temperature checks of staff and residents are being done every day, staff are wearing masks so as to stop us bringing anything in from outside. Hand hygiene during this lockdown has been much improved and staff are encouraging and helping residents with this and it is very effective. We must also be aware that Oral hygiene is very important both morning and night as this virus does affect the respiratory system so we need to be very careful. Julian asked if hand washing was as effective as the hand gel and of course we confirmed that where possible hand washing is the best action.

Contacting our loved ones and friends

We have been staying in touch with our loved ones by letter writing, phone calls, video calls and waving through the windows. Staff have been helping residents where needed and we are trying to make everything as smooth as possible. Any support needed by residents to make contact is always available. Margaret has been helping Sheila and Ruby with calls, Julian has been independently staying in touch and so has Muriel. Where independent contact can be done we are actively encouraging. We know residents are missing Church Services but you are able to access some online and if you can’t do it yourself staff can help with our Ipads.


We do have plenty of stock of oral hygiene products, glasses, wipes and hearing aid batteries if residents need them. If you need any other shopping you can either do it online where possible, ask a relative or friend to get it and drop it off, or speak to a staff member and we can organize to get it for you.

General and Activities

Residents asked if they could use the garden as the weather is so nice, Gen explained that presently we can’t due to restrictions but as soon as any change happens we will. This may possibly be from June. Tariq is back doing our feet and is abiding by all necessary prevention controls. Once restrictions are lifted or changed the first person we will be asking to come back is our hairdresser as we miss her and all need a good haircut. Activities have been going well although we are all missing our external activities and people who come into see us such as Rosie and John. We are continuing to do lots of movement to music, singing, arts and crafts, cooking, quizzes and word games and also letter writing, memory sharing and hand hygiene and massage. Residents were asked if there was anything else they would like to do and at present were all happy but if they thought of anything they would tell Julie. Julie asked residents where possible to keep active by walking around the home and staff would help if needed. We discussed VE Day (Friday 8th May) and our plans for coffee morning and memory sharing.


Gen asked residents what they thought of the meals presently and if they were still enjoying them. Responses were very positive saying that meals were much better than before and they loved the fish pie and puddings. Meals have been lovely and hot as well. Suggested it would be nice to have a ploughman’s and soup sometimes. Gen also said that breakfast was working much better with having two staff in the kitchen and was much less rushed and residents were up earlier and having more fruit and berries with breakfast.

Projects in the Home

Gen said she has been working on a few different projects within the home to improve and excel in Quality of Care, one of which was Falls Prevention with an aim of reducing to any resident falls. This has been in place for a little while and Gen expressed her pleasure in saying that we have reduced our fall rate by 50 percent with only 6 falls in March and 6 in April and we aim to carry on with this and reduce the falls to 0.

Marius has been working hard on completing our lounge area and it is coming together really well and it will be a beautiful space to relax in when it’s finished. He hopes to have it completed in 3 weeks’ time.

Gen closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and expressing that if anyone had any concerns or worries about anything within the home that they can talk to herself or her deputy Ilza at any time or address it with a member of staff.


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