My Whole Self


My whole self at work day

I know I might look stupid walking in my workplace with my onesie on. But at least i made quite a few people laugh and smile. Everyone feels isolated at this time so it’s the little things that matter and I’m happy i can brighten someone’s day. 🤍💚
Coronavirus is certainly focusing all of our minds. The pandemic is challenging us all as individuals, collectives and organisations to develop new ways of working together for the coming period. And the truth is, none of us really knows how long that coming period will be, or quite what the economic, personal and social impact will be.

My Whole Self is a long-term culture change campaign: it is about changing how we think as employees and employers. My Whole Self is not about a specific place. Whether online or offline, bringing your whole self to work is a mindset that is better for wellbeing and better for business.

This mindset is about being able to use all our energy and brain working on the tasks at hand, instead of worrying about saying the right thing, wearing the right thing. Mental Health First Aid England #mywholeself


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