The Courtyard zine project

At the culmination of a two month zine arts project funded by The Courtyard in Hereford with poet Jonny Fluffypunk and collage artist John Rose working with Forbury residents, we held a celebration day with vinyl records, singing, dancing and a buffet.  The project was based on the work of David Greenberger and his work on the Duplex Planet zines in Boston between the late 1970’s to the mid 90’s which became an unlikely underground hit. We’ve been talking to Forbury residents on a variety of subjects from space exploration, robots and technology to horror films to superheroes.  We’ve also taken in a turntable and played vinyl records, anything from Ivor Cutler to the Cramps and Devo and asking residents to review them. It’s made for a very entertaining and engaging project with heaps of material we can base the zines on. Hopefully this project will be continued shortly as it’s been hugely successful.

Here’s some photos from  the celebration day..





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