Important Clothing

9 of the 16 canvases, part of the Clothing project were also exhibited at The Courtyard in May. Pupils from Leominster Primary School had worked with Jeanette in a school workshop, on canvases painted by residents. Here are close up pictures of three pupils painting on pictures begun by residents.

IMG_0019 IMG_0024 IMG_0028

Gez Hughes, remembering significant events in his childhood, captures them in photographsGez Hughes The Den

Long silk textiles panels, constructed like diaries, made by Jeanette


Work by Tom, Marsha O’Mahony, John Rose

IMG_0133John Rose Bird

A glass cabinet showed sketchbooks by Jeanette McCulloch and Tom Rees.IMG_0127

Our exhibition called ‘Travelling by Moonlight’ opened at The Courtyard in Hereford on 20 May. The show has been seen by a lot of people, during Dementia Awareness Week, and also by invited guests and members of the public.


For our Christmas party at the Community Centre we invited other care homes to contribute artworks on the theme of Plants and Season’s. This large picture made by residents working with Fran at Waverley House, Leominster- a rich textural autumnal themed picture, made with such gorgeous colour and variety of art materials. IMG_8769_edited

Mandy and other staff worked with Day Care clients at Waverley House, Leominster, and had fun making this brilliant picture. The wooden door in the garden, a shed, a secret place… it is the door ‘to the privy’….excellent, we love it!IMG_8768_edited

Residents and staff working with Rita at West Eaton in Leominster, made these delightful pictures on the theme of Spring Flowers. Thank you for sending them to us for the party.IMG_8762_edited

And residents at The Forbury drew and painted A Treasury of Plants’, such a brilliant selection of beautiful artworks, a real treat for us. We mounted them onto a long window blind, it keeps them together and the wood colour background suited the pictures.IMG_8759_edited

Emma invites the residents to make extraordinary artworks. She brought in a collection of shells from her holidays, and made her own paint from wallpaper paste and pigments mixed with PVA glue. These fishes and barnacle rocks and seabed were made where the sense of Touch was the guiding direction for the resident Emma was working alongside. People with with visual impairment can get overlooked sometimes, so this tactile creative project was wonderful to watch as it develop.

Emma seaside


Purple is an interesting colour and feels very autumnal. The background purples cause the yellows oranges and reds to shiny out of the background so it appears more spacial. Beautiful. As with each picture, several residents painted various parts of the canvases.


The backgrounds were first painted with four hues of green (or red or blue or purple etc), creating a swirly subtle range of colours, then each canvas had drawings added using permanent felt tips. Each area was painted with white gesso, ready for the residents to continue adding new colours. The white gesso areas are easier to see on a colour background and therefore paint into.


Red was painted by 4 residents, and the extra colour were drawn on using soft rich  textile crayons. The colours dry instantly which means more colours can be added over the top without fear of smudging.

blue (1)

It’s early October and we are delighted to have completed four canvases that now adorn our walls. the theme was colour and this is called Blue. 4 residents painted this picture.


Birds and Flowers painting

Cafe Paris mural

Café De Paris Mural


Rue Forbury Mural


Canvas painting

The Forbury canvas mural_edited

Combined Canvas Painting

Train 1

Forbury Model Train


Model Aeroplane

Textile Collage 2_edited

Canvas Mural

2 responses to “Paintings

  1. Emma Curd

    Beautiful clear pictures of your art.


  2. June Bakewell

    Gorgeous paintings and art work, now enlivening the walls in the corridor to the Priory – such talent we have here!


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