Forthcoming events and activities at The Forbury





February Calendar

DECEMBER Calandar 2019

NOVEMBER Calandar 2019-page0001

*Wednesdays at The Priory Church : Midweek Eucharist 10.30am



Oct calendar


cal Jan







Singing in front lounge



  Brightwells viewing

2:30pm Halloween Party with Rachel Hyde entertainment



11:15am Holy communion

Front lounge

Music therapy






Art &

Music therapy




Priory Coffee morning &

Market day

All day Art with Jan

2pm Quiz with John



Walks out





10 am Priory Church Service


Dear everyone,

here’s our calendar of activities for August..

Aug calendar_edited


March calendar 2017

Dear everyone,

here is our calendar of activities for February..


Here is our calendar of activities for December and the Christmas period.


Dear everyone,

I am attaching our calendar of activities for November.  You are especially welcome to join us for the Residents’ Meeting on Tuesday 8th November from 2pm.  Our Christmas shopping trip will be to Hereford on Wednesday 23rd November.  There will be some spaces in the minibus if you would like to come with your relative or friend from The Forbury.  We will be leaving from The Forbury at 1.45pm, returning to The Forbury by 5.30pm. 

We have a large seating area booked for Christmas lunches at Wetherspoons in Leominster again this year.  Please let us know if you would like to come with your relative or friend.  We will be going out for lunch on:

 Wednesday 30th November

 and on

 Thursday 8th December

 with the table booked for 1pm each day.

You can phone us on 01568 613877 and we hope you will be able to come out with us.

 Best wishes



Here is our calendar of our main activities for October.  You are especially welcome to join your relative or friend at The Forbury for our monthly Residents’ Meeting on Thursday 13th October at 2pm.

We are attaching our calendar of our main activities for September, although there may be changes to this!
You are especially welcome to join the residents at their meeting on Thurs 15 Sept from 2pm.  This is an opportunity for families and friends to support the residents in sharing ideas for activities.
We have 3 remaining summer trips scheduled and there will be spaces in the mini bus for families and friends on each of these trips.  Please phone om 01568 613877 if you would like to accompany your relative or friend at The Forbury on any of the following trips. (Any offers of help with wheelchairs would be greatly appreciated and this would allow us to more residents out on the trips.
  • Tuesday 13th September: Shopping in Hereford:Leaving The Forbury at 1.45pm, returning to The Forbury by 5.30pm
  • Wednesday 28th September and Tuesday 11th October: West Midlands Safari Park: free entry to one relative/friend accompanying a resident: Leaving The Forbury at 10.30am, returning to The Forbury by 5.30pm 

Our next Holy Communion at The Forbury  will be on Wednesday 31st August at 11.15am.

We are attaching our calendar of activities for August.  (Plans for activities may change.)  There will be spare seats in the minibus for families or friends if you would like to accompany your relative or friend on a trip.  Residents take turns to go out on the trips.  We aim to offer trips to suit the choices and needs of individual residents.  If you would like to go on a trip, please phone us on 01568 61387701568 613877.
Dear everyone
We are attaching our calendar of main activities for July.  You are welcome to join your friend or relative from The Forbury on either of the scheduled minibus trips.  Residents are offered a choice of trips of varying length.  There will be spaces in the minibus for relatives and friends so please phone us on 01568 61387701568 613877 if you would like to come out on a trip.
You are also very welcome to join the residents at their Residents’ Meeting on Thursday July 21st at 2pm where everyone can share ideas for activities or concerns.
Best wishes
Emma and Tom

Activities list for June…

I am attaching our plan for our main activities for June.  We are to begin again with our trips out, this time in the new Leominster Community Wheels minibus.  Residents will take turns to go out in the minibus and we will aim to offer trip choices to suit individuals’ interests and needs.  There will be some spare seats in the minibus.  If you would like to accompany your relative or friend from The Forbury on either of the trips scheduled for this month, please let us know on 01568 61387

forb Activities list for May..


List of activities for April…


Here is our list of events and activities for March :


*Wednesdays at The Priory Church: Midweek Eucharist 10.30am

If you would like to assist your relative or friend from The Forbury to attend any of the Priory Church Services, please contact June Bakewell on 01568 613877. Thank You

Here is our calendar of our main activities for February.  You are welcome to come and take part with your relative or friend at The Forbury.
You will be especially welcome at our Residents’ Meeting on Thursday 4th February at 2pm.  This will be an opportunity for you to assist your relative or friend in choosing and suggesting future activities and trips out.
Dear everyone
We have postponed our Beat It Percussion drumming workshop until later in January.  The workshop will now take place on Monday 25th January at The Forbury, at 2.30pm.  You are welcome to come and support your relative or friend during the workshop. Lynn, the facilitator has experience of helping people to communicate as they drum together and create conversations through rhythm.
Sorry for this change of date.

Wishing you all a very happy new year from Emma and all the residents and staff at The Forbury

Jan calendar (2)_edited

Dec Calendar.jpgIf you would like to assist your relative or friend from The Forbury to attend any of the Priory Church services, please contact June Bakewell on 01568 613877..thank you!

nov calendar

*Wednesdays: Priory Church Mid-Week Holy Communion Service: 10.30am

*Sundays: Priory Church Parish Eucharist Service: 10am

Please speak to June if you would like to assist with accompanying your relative or if you could walk with the group to church.

Thank you very much.

Cancellation of Holy Communion for October at The Forbury – This was scheduled for Wednesday 28th October at 11.15am but has unfortunately had to be cancelled for this month.

It is important for several of our  residents to get out to attend services at The Priory Church.  We now have more residents than before who would like to attend these church services and we are looking for assistance to safely accompany them to church.
 The following two services are scheduled at times suitable for the residents to attend:
Parish Eucharist:  10am
Mid-Week Communion:  10.30am
 We would be very grateful if you would like to come to assist your relative or friend, or to accompany the group walking to any of these services.  If you would like to help, please let us know.  You can phone The Forbury on 01568 613877.
 Thank you very much!


Click on calendar for larger view..

August schedule :

Aug 4 – Residents Meeting 2.30pm

Aug 5 – Art with Jeanette all day / Banjo Brian 2.30pm

Aug 6 – Singing for the Brain 10am / Reminiscence & singing 2.30pm

Aug 7 – Art with Jeanette / Bingo 2.30pm

Aug 8 – Farmers Market at Corn Square 9am – 1pm

Aug 10 – Gardening / Cooking 2.30pm

Aug 11 – Trip to Weston-Super-Mare, leave at 9.30am

Aug 12 – Art with Jeanette

Aug 13 – Reminiscence / comedy play – reading & singing 2.30pm

Aug 14 – Art with Jeanette / Bingo 2.30pm

Aug 17 – Gardening / Cooking 2.30pm

Aug 18 – Trip to Hereford Community Farm leave at 10.15am

Aug 19 – Art with Jeanette

Aug 20 – Singing for the Brain 10am / Reminiscence / comedy play – reading & singing 2.30pm 

Aug 21 – Art with Jeanette / Bingo 2.30pm

Aug 24 Trip to Shobdon leave at 1.45pm

Aug 26 – Holy Communion 11.15am / Art with Jeanette

Aug 27 – Reminiscence / comedy play – reading & singing 2.30pm 

Aug 28 – Art with Jeanette / Bingo 2.30pm

Aug 31 – Gardening / Cooking 2.30pm

Singing for the Brain, run by the Alzheimers Society, continues at the Leominster Community Centre.  Sessions will be on Thursdays twice a month from 10am – 12.15pm.  Dates for the rest of this year are:
 6th August, 20th August, 10th September, 24th September, 8th October, 22nd October, 12th November, 26th November, 10th December and 24th December
 Anyone taking part will need to have their medical details with them so that they can complete a form prior to joining a session.  If you would like to go out to sing with your friend or relative, please let Tom at The Forbury know in advance.
Thank you!


Mon 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 – Gardening (if the weather is fine)

Mon 8, 15, 22 & 29 @ 2.30pm Cooking Group

Tues 9 & 30 @ 2.30pm – Drama group

Tues 16 – Trip to West Midlands Safari Park (leave 10.30am)

Tues 23 – Trip to The Hop Pocket @ 1.45pm

Wed 3, 10, 17 & 24 – Art with Jeanette

Wed 24 @ 11.15am – Holy Communion

Thurs 4 & 18 @ 10am at the community centre

Thurs 4 @2.30pm – Banjo Brian

Thurs 18 @ 10am – Singing for the Brain

Thurs 25 @ 2.30pm – Reminiscence Group

Fri 5, 12, 17 & 24 – Art with Jeanette

Fri 5 & 19 @ 1.45pm – School Children visits

Fri 5, 12 & 26 @ 3.15pm – Bingo!

Fri 19 @ 11am – Singing for Fun at Waverley House

Our next Residents’ Meeting will be on 5th May at 2.30pm.

We have cancelled the scheduled meal out at Pembridge.  There will now be a meal out in Leominster instead at The Duke’s Head (Wetherspoons) on Thursday 30th April.  The table is booked for 1pm.  Places are limited so please let Emma or Tom at The Forbury know if you would like to join your relative or friend for this meal.  
Cooking Group Mondays @ 2.30pm
Drama Group with Toni on Tuesday 7th & 14th April @ 2.15pm
Banjo Brian Wed 8th April @ 2.30pm
Cognitive Therapy Group Thurs 9th & 16th April @ 2.30pm
Holy Communion Wed 15th April @ 11.15am
Reminiscence Group Thurs 16th April @ 2.30pm
Singing for fun Fri 17th April @ 11am
School Children visit Fri 17th April @ 1.45pm
Bingo Friday 10th @ 2.30pm, Fri 17th 3,30pm & Fri 24th 2.30pm
Singing and dancing Tues 28th April @ 2.30pm
Singing for the Brain, run by the Alzheimers Society has recently resumed at the Leominster Community Centre.  Sessions will be on Thursdays twice a month from 10am – 12.15pm.  Dates are:
2nd April, 16th April, 7th May, 21st May, 4th  June, 18th June, 2nd July, 16th July, 6th August, 20th August
Anyone taking part will need to have their medical details with them so that they can complete a form prior to joining a session.  If you would like to go out to sing with your friend or relative, please let Emma at The Forbury know in advance.
Bon Marche summer fashions – sale of new ladieswear.  This will take place at The Forbury on Thursday 21st May from 2.30pm – 4.30pm.  If you would like to assist your relative or friend at The Forbury to make purchases, we would be grateful if you could ensure that there are sufficient funds held at The Forbury for them.  Thank you.

Drama workshops : every Tuesday 2.15pm – 3.15pm

Cognitive Therapy : every Thursday 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Holy communion : 25th March, 22 April, 27 May & 24 June at 11.15am

School children visits : 27th March 1.45pm – 2.45pm

Residents meeting  Wed April 1st 3.30pm

Pedro music workshop Wed 25th March 2.30pm – 3.30pm

 Meet Toni Cook who is a professional Drama Practitioner. Toni came to meet the residents and staff this week, to chat about a 10 week drama project organised by Katrin Cross from The Courtyards Creative Ageing department. 17 residents went to meet Toni, whose workshops will include lots of fun and laughter, role playing, characterisations, making props such as hats, reading poetry and much much more. Thank you Emma for liaising with the Courtyard. We look forward to seeing and hearing what Toni and the residents will do.

Toni Cook

Thursday 5th February : Les Crooner to sing 3pm

Saturday 7th Feb Church choir (afternoon)

Tuesday 14th Feb Valentines Day : Rachel Hyde to sing 3pm

Thursday Feb 19th Pedro to sing 2-30pm

Wednesday Feb 25th : Holy Communion 11.15am / Carole Rees-Jones to sing 3pm

Thursday Feb 26th : Cognitive therapy group

Friday Feb 27th School children visit

Drama workshops – Tuesdays at 2-30pm on Feb 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th

Residents Meetings

Provisional dates will be on the following Thursdays at 2-30pm.  Relatives and friends are very welcome to share ideas and concerns –

Wed February 4th

Singing For Fun –

at Waverley House will be on the following Fridays at 11am.

January 23rd
February 13th
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th
July 10th

Pedro to sing  – January 15th 2-30pm
Leominster Junior School visit – January 16th 1-45pm
Banjo Brian to sing – January 22nd 2-30pm
Holy Communion – January 28th 11-30am

At Norfolk House: Extend Exercises with Veronica Wood: every Wednesday

at 2.15pm: £3 per person (whether taking part or coming to assist)
If you wish to attend this gentle seated exercise session, with your friend or
relative, please let Emma or Kate know in advance. Places are limited. Anyone
taking part will need to take medical details with them to the class.

Christmas Theatre Visits

This year we have a choice between:

My Apple Dumpling Girl at The Forbury Chapel next door to us –

Tuesday 4th November, 2.30pm, £6 per person


Jack and the Beanstalk at The Courtyard Theatre, Hereford > CANCELLED

New Image

If you would like to join your relative or friend from The Forbury at the performance of their choice, please let either Emma or Kate know.  For the Hereford theatre performance there will be limited space in the mini bus and relatives or friends will need to meet up with the group at the theatre.

The Forbury Newsletter Summer 2014

In July we were entered into the Leominster in Bloom gardening competition. Several residents worked hard to pot flowering plants into the train and into the horse and cart, all built by Marius, along with planting hanging baskets. The gardeners included Cliff, David C, Joan, Trixie, Hilda A-S, Margaret, Betty, Peggy, Rita H, Rita P, Jan, Michael S, Maria, and Paddy. Paddy was pleased with the pansies she had planted into separate pots. These had flowered well for weeks. One of her plants had, however, “gone on the wild side”, according to Paddy, by the time of the competition. Marius had constructed his horse and cart and train from recycled materials and a group of people worked together on the gardening. This meant we could be entered into the competition

Visit to Hereford Community Farm, Breinton, Hereford: 12/06/14

Last year residents visited a farm at Kentchurch near Ewyas Harold. This farm moved to Breinton at Hereford and it is now more easily accessible to visiting groups.

Paddy talked and wrote about her afternoon out at the farm:


It was very nice. Very hot. A hot sunny day.” Paddy was interested to pass Breinton Church on the way, which she remembered. At the farm she was pleased to meet a dog, which reminded her of a dog she used to have called ‘Flossy’. “There were goats being fed. The boss goat butting the other goats for food. I enjoyed seeing the guinea pigs. Before we left they took us into a nice room in a modern building. We had tea and strawberries.” Paddy explained how the new farm was more modern than the farm she had visited last year.

Doreen and Margaret_edited

Doreen, Margaret and friend..

Cliff and Kate_edited

Cliff and Kate

Doreen and Raymond


Doreen and Raymond

Residents trip to RAF Cosford 13/05/14

Tom said the museum was “extremely interesting” but there had not been enough time to see everything as the journey had been too long. Tom remembered seeing Hurricane and Spitfire aeroplanes. Betty mentioned the Wellingtons and the Dakotas. She remembered also visiting an aeroplane museum on The Isle of Wight. Betty is interested in Amy Johnson CBE, who was the first female pilot to fly solo from Britain to Australia, which she achieved when she was 26 in 1930.

Photos to follow..

In May we hosted a sale of ladies’ fashions from Bon Marché. Several residents said how pleased they were with their purchases. Bon Marché kindly called in twice to ensure that everyone received their garments in the size and colour of their choice. Bon Marché hope to introduce mens’ clothing into their range for sale shortly.

At Easter we held an Egg Hunt for the children of the staff. Residents helped with giving clues and they enjoyed watching the children. Our Easter Bring and Buy Sale raised money for The Willow Boat Trust and The Salvation Army. David C and Hilda P said how grateful they were for the help of The Salvation Army during the war. Thank you to Kim and her sister Emma for their kind donation of hand bags to sell. These proved extremely popular.

The Forbury forthcoming trips for residents..

Tuesday 5th AugustBurford House and Gardens, Nr Tenbury WellsLeaving: 1.30pmReturning: 5pm 
Tuesday 12th AugustPearl Lake Leisure Park, Shobdon Leaving:1.30pmReturning: 5pm 
Tuesday 2nd SeptemberWest Midlands Safari  Park Leaving: 10 amReturning: 5pm 
Tuesday 16th SeptemberWillow Trust Boat Trip, Saul Junction, Nr GloucesterLeaving: 8.30amReturning: 5pm 
Thursday 25th SeptemberGloucester Cathedral and DocksLeaving: 10.30 amReturning: 5pm 

Summer Tea Dance:

  • Wednesday 30th July, 3pm. Bring your families and have some fun! Mark Drew is to sing for us. BBQ from 3.30pm.

Summer Bring and Buy Sale:

  • Wednesday 27th August, 2.30pm. Come along and find a bargain! This will be in aid of The Forbury Residents’ Fund.

Residents’ and Relatives’ Meetings

Our monthly Residents’ Meetings are not just for residents! Family and friends are also invited to share ideas for events and activities and to express concerns. The meetings begin at 2pm and forthcoming provisional dates are:

  • Thursday 7th August

  • Thursday 4th September

Conversations in the conservatory…(an occasional feature)

24.5.14 Rabbits …

David C: (Talking about South Africa): the birds out there, you wouldn’t shoot the little ones. You would shoot the big ones, like eagles, close enough to make them fly up.

Betty: Men kill things.

David C: You find women who shoot.

Rita P: I shot a rabbit, skinned it and ate it.

David C: I sewed rabbit skins together to make a nice blanket.

Rita P: In Ireland I had my own gun from about the age of 10.

David C: If you teased a ferret it was likely to bite you. They would bite the rabbits that were huddling in the tunnels.

Betty: The ferrets would chase the rabbits. They came out the other end.

David C: You put them on a line. They would go in. You could drag them back out. They had a little collar on. Only if you teased them; if you stuck your finger through the wire mesh they would a nibble at your finger.

Emma (to Rita P): How would you know where to go to shoot the rabbits?

Rita P: Well it was sitting there.

David C: Rabbits shout out “I am here!”. They stick their tails in the air with a white little puff. I remember the time my father worked on the kilns with the bricks. We had a rabbit for lunch. I stitched a rabbit’s tail on his trousers. Everybody thought it was funny, every time he bent down. It was good fun though because everyone was having a good laugh. If he was still alive he wouldn’t like me telling the tale.

Betty: A rabbit’s tail is for good luck.

David C: I stitched one on my father’s trousers. He went to the local pub to swallow it. He said “I’ll get you.” I don’t think he ever did. He knew he’d been caught. He had a good laugh. He took it the right way, which I appreciated. That’s why I didn’t do it too often. He always had a pint of beer waiting at his local pub. The poor soul died in his 50’s.

Peggy: We had rabbit stew on New Year’s Eve.

David C: I only ever caught one wild rabbit (as a child).

Paddy: I could hear them rumbling around under the ground. My brother and uncle had ferrets.

Keeping chickens …and a cockerel!

In our early married years (the 1950’s), the legal restriction forbidding residents in urban areas from keeping “pigs, pigeons or poultry” was temporarily lifted. Eggs were rationed so we decided to try rearing chickens. Our rented premises included an attic room, which we couldn’t afford to furnish, so my husband found a substantial cardboard carton into which he wired an electric light bulb and covered it with an upside down large plant pot. The order for a dozen day-old-chicks turned out to be a “baker’s dozen” (i.e. 13) when it was delivered to our flat early in January. Intensive care on the part of my husband yielded excellent results as the whole brood survived (I couldn’t help much as my time was taken up caring for our two little boys). When not working to earn money or carefully monitoring his “livestock” my husband managed to erect a makeshift henhouse and a “run” ready for the maturing of the rapidly growing chicks. The day came for the transfer to the big out of doors! Again we were fortunate as we didn’t have to cope with any illness and eventually had the excitement of collecting eggs. All went well until one morning we were awakened by a loud “Cock-a-doodle-doo”! Consternation! The 13th chick turned out to be a cock! The neighbours were not pleased. This resulted in our having some delicious and nutritious meals but not before the (for me agonising) experience of having to learn how to prepare a hen for the pot.

Muriel Palmer

10 and 11 year old children from the new Leominster school will be visiting us in the Autumn. We are looking forward to sharing some of these methods of eating well with them!

Forbury Poets in Residence

Irish Ballads

As I went walking one summer’s morning, the birds in the bushes did warble and sing.

I spied one amongst them more fairer than any. She was only a hard-working factory girl.

I stepped up to her more closely to view her and the moment she saw me she cast me a smile of dismay,

Saying “Young man stand off me and do not come near me.” And oh my poor girl I think it no shame.

The Donegal mountains are not far away.

I’ll tell you a story that happened one day.

A young maiden of age sixteen and she courted the colours white, yellow and green.

Sung by Tony McKinney

Ron and Peggy both remembered HMS Hood and HMS Argonaut:

The Blue Funnelled Fleet

“Rodney’s the pride of the Blue Funnelled Fleet, there’s plenty to do but there’s nothing to eat”.

You can roll out The Nelson, The Rodney, The Hood, but three-masted schooners are no blimmin’ good.

… That’s my version. It was popular during The War.

Ron Lawson

Tony thought of the footballers:

“I’ve been a footballer for many a year, I spent all my money on whiskey and beer”.

Tony Mckinney

We hope you have enjoyed our newsletter. If you have any ideas for activities and trips out, please let us know! We hope to see you at our Summer Tea Dance and BBQ on 30th July.


The Forbury will host a talk by Andy Bradley from Framework4change at 6.30-8.30pm at Leominster Community Centre on Monday 28th July. Andy will offer an evening of connection, inspiration and compassion on the theme of ‘The Art of Caring’ – and will be of interest to people who are caring for someone at home, or have a relative or friend in care or who have an interest in self compassion and mindfulness. Places are limited so book a place please phone either Jeanette McCulloch on 01531 636805 or June Bakewell, Forbury Manager on 01568 613877.


Artist Jeanette McCulloch


Jeanette runs an art session every Monday at The Forbury for residents to get involved in painting, craft, printmaking and model-making.

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  1. How things have changed, Great Grandad Dave C! We have two giant rabbits as pets – they are called Tom & Maggie – and two of us are vegetarian 😉 Love James, Natasha & Marcus (age 6) x

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  2. RDC

    To Natasha please let a longer life enjoy herself and learn what its like to be old. It becomes too painful if you get it too early. So hang on to your youth. Life can get too short and your young son will grow up naturally so we hope he will learn to accept the problems that arise with this gettng older.

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