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Residents meeting 29 May

29th May 2018

Those Present:

Mary Pierrepont, Chris Leeson, Norah Gibson, Della Squires, Hilda Ashdown-sharp, Julian Partridge, Leokadia Butler, Daphne Bird, Selina Bohannan, Patricia Henderson, Muriel Palmer, Patricia Green, Michael Price, Norman Chick, James Anderson, Valerie Hands, Patricia Green

Gen Bujokiene, Jillian Prothero, Muriel Perks, Kerry Williams

Gen opened the meeting by welcoming everybody, and talked about our therapy dog Lou Lou’s birthday party. Muriel explained this was a special time, Gen agreed and said we should appreciate the time that Carol, Lou Lou’s owner spends here at the home.

Gen introduced Kerry to the team and the residents. Kerry is our new Administrative Executive helping out on the management team with Gen and Grace. If Gen and Grace are not available to help with any concerns or queries please speak with Kerry. After Kerry went on to introduce herself, told everyone about herself and previous work life.


Gen talked about our recent Trips to Dinmore Hill on the 15th and 22nd May, looking at the bluebells and enjoying ice-cream. Gen said she was happy that the trips went so well.

Muriel recalled the poem that Chis recited to her on the trip ‘To stop and stare’. Chris once again recited the poem for us all, it was lovely.

Betty Junes sister also attended one of the trips. Muriel went on to talk about the management of Dinmore Hill and how they would like to talk to residents about their thoughts and memories about the area and commemoration about the woods. The Forbury would then be a part of the commemoration.

Up coming events

Gen spoke about the upcoming Tea Dance at The Grange and a visit to Rachel Freemans farm. All the residents were excited for this.

Exercise Group

Jane and Leah are coming very often and all residents enjoy this group and get involved.

Further Entertainment

Gen has suggested that we ask Banjo Brian to come back for another visit to entertain the residents. Also Kerry’s Father plays guitar and sings. We will ask him to come one afternoon for a sing and a dance.

John Rose to come back soon but he is currently very busy with the Ledbury festival. He says hello and wishes everyone well.

Ona has been very busy with flower, salads and herbs in our green house for the garden. If any residents go into the garden please have a look.

Saturday 2nd June there will be Air Force entertainment in town, if residents would like to attend we take them to see as much as we can. There will be lots going on in the Leominster Festival. If families would like to attend and have one to one time with their relative at these events it will give the home more opportunity to take more residents and give everyone a chance to see what they want.

Muriel mentioned that friends can also come and entertain residents. Patricia Green’s friend came in and played the ukulele, all residents enjoyed this, interacted and sang along.

Gen asked if anyone had any questions, concerns or ideas for the home and activities for the residents. Lydia suggested that the book club could be brought back, this will be discussed and put forward with Muriel and Jill.

Muriel talked about the activities in corn square and that it would be nice to be a part of the community.

Staff Training

There is staff training happening at the moment, at least 2 a month. This usually takes place in the front lounge, sorry for any inconvenience. Training is to keep staff up to date on information and make a good effect to things that are going on.

Lou Lou the Dogs Birthday Party

We invited Carol and Lou Lou in and wished Lou Lou a happy birthday. Everyone sang happy birthday and gave Carol a card and some presents for Lou Lou.

Residents gave treats and a squeaky toy, Lou Lou was very excited. Carol and Lou Lou went on to spend some time speaking to residents’ individually and giving them chance to pet Lou Lou. Lovely afternoon spent with drinks, cakes and snacks. All residents enjoyed themselves.

Dates to remember

31st May – Group activity, percussion in Gallery of happiness.

2nd June – Air Force Party at The Grange Court

8th June – Celebration Market at Corn Square

9th June – Family fun day and Farmers market at The Grange.

Thank you all for coming

Gen told the residents that they could always go and see her with any problems or worries they have or they could speak to a member of staff as well.

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