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Garlands, flower arranging and harvest decorations

Freda, Joan, Edna and Marjorie flower arranging…

Joan, Valerie and June making garlands assisted by Tom doing some tearing!..

Marjorie working with Emma on a harvest decoration..

Pat, Lydia, Valerie and June painting..

Tom, Fiona and her mum and Wendy and Kate..


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Fruit Picking and Farming..

Please click on our Conversations page for some fascinating conversations and recollections from residents about Farming, fruit picking, runner beans and tin baths amongst other subjects!…

Tin Bath[1]

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Life in The Forbury – CQC Survey Report 2017

We recently carried out a survey to find out what you, your relatives and other professional visitors to the home thought about the care we provide and the quality of your daily lives. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond (65%), and tell you about what we found and the changes we have made, or plan to make, from the information you have given us.

The survey asked questions about the personal and health care you receive, information and support in making decisions, choice and independence in daily life, food and meals, and dignity, privacy and respect. It also asked about the environment, cleanliness, social opportunities and if people were aware of how to complain if something was wrong.

Overall, the responses we received were very positive and suggest that most people are satisfied with the care they or their relative receive and with the quality of daily life in the home. 93.78% of responses thought that our service was always (75%) or usually (18.78%) good.

Some of the comments made, from all groups of respondents, have included:

‘Very Person Centred and respectful of residents needs and wishes. Staff are always cheerful and willing to help and always have activities available.’ Tracy Blood

‘The atmosphere within the home is warm and friendly.’

‘Always seems a very caring and friendly Home.’ DR Dales

‘The staff are polite and courteous and generally able to answer any queries – if not they seek someone who can’

‘Makes me at home’ R. Brand

‘Provides good meals and cheerful faces!’ M. Pierrepont.

‘I always find that the staff are kind and friendly’ D.Squires

‘The home provides an atmosphere of loving concern for the comfort and welfare of residents’ M.Palmer

‘Carers support people and so friendly although very busy’ B. Lyon

‘Listening and respecting what residents/client wishes. Excellent good staff very friendly and helpful lovely atmosphere, always clean and tidy’ C. Morris

‘Can always be relied upon to call the doctor quickly if needed, very reassuring’ T. Farmer

‘ Cares for residents as if they were family. Always friendly and helpful and professional. Visited many residential homes before knowing Forbury was the right move; I knew mum would be cared for as we and mum would need. Thank you’ M. Stevenson

‘Extremely kind, warm, caring staff. The atmosphere of the whole home is welcoming and engaging. Staffing levels appear generous’ K.Ryan

‘I am so grateful my uncle is a resident of the Forbury. The staff are fantastic and knowing my uncle is safe means the world to me’ A. Coles

‘All aspects of care and social interaction my mother loves the singing activities. Her room is spotlessly clean and smells lovely. I am made welcome on every visit. Definitely the correct placement for my mother.’ P. Sewell.

‘The home provides a positive atmosphere with friendly and capable staff. The relaxed visiting access is great and my dad seems pretty happy in his room and has all he needs.’ J. Bourke

Some people told us about issues that concerned them. These included – save time by having a key pad, name badges, cards and letters opened/read with a resident, phones not on loud speaker in the lounges when speaking to relatives, hand gel by visitors signing in book, private area other than bedroom, ensure hearing aid batteries are changed. Some other specific residents and family concerns were addressed immediately and individually.

We are very grateful for suggestions what the service does better. Your suggestions we took very seriously and discussed in staff, seniors, and residents meetings. A key pad was considered, but after a discussion wasn’t the safest solution. Name badges were a very good idea and staff are happy to wear them. All staff reminded to assist residents with reading letters and cards as well as assisting residents when using a phone, to ensure that residents are in private room. Hand gel by visitors signing in book replaced as soon as possible. Families and residents are encouraged to use kitchenette and enjoy a cup of tea with their loved ones. Hearing aid batteries change date is diarised and staff are reminded to do so.

Almost everyone was aware of how to make a complaint if they were not happy with any aspect of the service, but one person was not aware and 3 people could not remember. We have given a copy of the complaints procedure to each resident to keep in their room (or where they choose) and further copies are also available in the front hall. Encouraging people to express concerns will continue to be a regular agenda item for residents meetings.

We positively welcome any thoughts, comments or suggestions you may have regarding the running of the Home and the service we provide. We introduce a comment/ suggestion slip which will be kept in the middle lounge by visitors signing in book. Please use this slip to note these (an envelope will be provided to ensure your thoughts remain confidential) or speak to the Manager, Gen Bujokiene, or any member of staff.

Once again, many thanks to all those who participated in the survey, and if anyone has any further ideas or suggestions for improvements, please let me, or any member of staff, know.

Kind regards,

Gen Bujokiene

Care Manager

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