Steam Train..

On Saturday 10th September the steam train, No 6201 Princess Elizabeth passed through Leominster station.  Tom was waiting at the station and he was well rewarded when the train steamed through on time, at 13.46.
The No 6201 was built in 1933 at Crewe Works.  She was named after the 7-year-old Princess Elizabeth, who is now our Queen.  When the steam train was withdrawn  in 1962, it was initially kept at the Dowty Railway Preservation Society’s premises at Ashchurch in Gloucestershire, then it was moved to the Bulmers Railway Centre in Hereford.  When the Bulmers Centre closed in the 1990s, the steam train moved to the East Lancashire Railway.  It has been back at Crewe since 2009, returning to steam in June 2015 after a major overhaul.
On Saturday the Princess Elizabeth made a special journey, hauling the mainline train, the Cathedrals Express,  from Bristol to Shrewsbury and back again

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