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Canal Boat Trip!

On Tuesday 26th April residents enjoyed a canal boat trip with the Willow Trust.

Kay, Eric, Julian, Edna, Lorraine, Cora and Marjorie travelled along the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal.  The day was cold with hailstorms and thankfully the boat had heating.  The passengers took turns to steer the boat, avoiding the swans and Eric brought everyone together, leading an impromptu singsong!  a great day out was had by all.. (click on each photo to enlarge)

 Art session making flower boxes!

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St George’s Day!

Saint George’s Day is 23 April.  St George is the patron saint of England and this day is a celebration of all things English. For the story of St George and the Dragon and why we celebrate this day, click on our Forbury Newspaper page…


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Wrap the town in Poetry!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Ledbury Poetry Festival and resident artist Jeanette has been asked to coordinate a project which will see artworks, bunting, poetry and banners displayed around the town of Ledbury. Residents at The Forbury as well as six other groups of people have begun to create a wonderful range of surprising, exciting and beautiful artworks. We’ve been writing poems including an amusing poem about our anecdotes of pet cats and a group poem written last year called Storm.  Also included is a poem written by Ron Lawson when he lived in the Forest of Dean called ‘Tis the Way it Was’.
A meeting Jeanette had  yesterday with the Manager of the Poetry Festival, where she brought The Forbury bunting and other items was very successful – “We really like this artwork, its absolutely beautiful’ said a delighted Phillippa Slinger.

Invitation To Wrap The Town In Poetry

We would like to invite you to take part in Wrap the Town in Poetry for the 20th Ledbury Poetry Festival. Our idea is make a big, colourful poetic splash in Ledbury, with poetry artworks being hung up, suspended, draped, fitted and decorating as much of Ledbury as we can manage, and we are inviting you to join in with us….

The work needs to be waterproof as it will be displayed outside, so you could think of what you might like to work on: pebbles and stones, cut out recycled plastic, reuse plastic bottles or containers, recycled fabric/clothing (maybe write/stitched on a clothing), paper which is laminated, or poems in sealed bags. These items might be strung together as bunting, objects that sit on the ground, posters to be displayed against walls, long ribbons of words (like a maypole), little plastic yogurt pots decorated with words hung from a tree branch…. Certain felt tips are waterproof such as Sharpies and you can mix PVA with poster paint to make acrylic paint.

Poems might be written/drawn/painted etc. they might be a line from or all of your favourite poem/s, a group poem, individual poems, short or long….


We would be delighted for you to take part!

Using the above ideas, create your own artwork, then deliver your art to The Ledbury Poetry Festival in The Master’s House by 31st May, 2016. We are also able to collect artwork from you. Please write on the parcel who it is from and your contact details.

For further information contact:

Jeanette McCulloch

or Phillippa Slinger 01531 634156

Thank You!

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Happy Birthday Ma’am from The Forbury!

On 21st April, Forbury residents joined together for an afternoon in honour of the 90th birthday of  H M Queen Elizabeth II. We sang patriotic songs, shared memories of royal events and offered a toast to the Queen. Thank you especially to Muriel P for playing The National Anthem for us on her mouth organ!
Carrie and Kay remembered the Queen visiting Leominster on 24th April 1957.  They both saw the Queen arriving in her royal train.  The Queen, however, didn’t come out of her train!  She stayed in her train overnight at Leominster railway station. Kay rushed out from work to watch for the Queen, returning later to face questions from her boss.
In the summer of 1977, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Silver Jubilee, after 25 years on the throne.  Cora and Carrie remembered the street parties in Leominster when Cora danced in the street.  In 1977 the Queen travelled through Stockport in her royal train.  Muriel P ran down to the railway line near to her home and waited for the train.  The train came past, but to Muriel’s disappointment, all the blinds were drawn down in all the windows!
Carrie’s husband was in the Grenadier Guards.  Carrie accompanied him to Buckingham Palace for a garden party with the Queen. She described how the Queen always wore white gloves, even whilst she was eating sandwiches!  Cora had an Uncle who attended a royal garden party.



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Place your bets!!!


The day before the 2016 Grand National race, residents at The Forbury pulled out a horse name from a bowl with a star rating and form guide for each horse, with a 50p bet.  The betting was organized by Emma and distributed by Tom and Abbie, at first Jeanette thought that the number of stars for each horse indicated how many legs the horse had!.. The race was won by Rule The World and one lucky resident pocketed all the winnings!..

Meanwhile, Eric, Edna, Lucy and Joan helped paint some images that will be made into bunting for this year’s 20th anniversary of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.





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