Willow Trust Canal Boat trip

We had a perfect day for our canal boat trip with The Willow Trust on Wednesday 14th October.  We travelled along the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal.  We sat out on the deck in warm sunshine and the residents took turns to steer the boat, keeping us on a steady course.
After the trip Dorothy C commented on the journey in the mini bus saying, “It was a bit rough, wasn’t it?  It’s the roads.”  The boat trip, however, had been “lovely”.
Joan said, “We had a lovely day”.
Honey said, “It was great!  It was a beautiful day, well planned and very comfortable.  The company was great, especially the young man – made me feel younger than ever!  We’ve yet to experience anything different. (It was Honey’s first trip with us.)  I hope we realise how lucky we are.  It’s lovely when you’re out with the men, feeling like this!..  see the photos below, click on images to enlarge..
DSCF3082 - Copy DSCF3084_edited - Copy DSCF3087_edited - Copy DSCF3089_edited - Copy DSCF3095_edited - Copy DSCF3096_edited - Copy DSCF3099_edited - Copy DSCF3106 - Copy DSCF3107_edited - CopyDSCF3110_edited - Copy
DSCF3119_edited - Copy DSCF3117_edited - Copy DSCF3116 - Copy DSCF3114 - Copy

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