Leominster Primary School mural

The idea to make a mural with and for Leominster Primary School began 12 months ago. Over those months we all worked together, residents, families, friends, staff, pupils and teachers, to amass wonderful anecdotes, fascinating stories, richly desctibed in words,  paintings and drawings – all describing significant and important clothing. Stories about being in the Womens Land Army, tales of working on farms, smallholdings and offices, times spent in the Army and RAF travelling the globe, as children growing up in different places. Some of these important, fascinating fragments of our residents lives are captured in this huge wall mural, now completed and proudly to be displayed in the new school.
A proper presentation date with the press being invited along with residents pupils and staff will be announced soon.
Important Clothing 2
Joining together the separate canvasses..
Important Clothing
The finished mural!…

Jeanette’s Glider flight!

On Saturday Jeanette had her first flight in a Glider at Shobdon Airfield in Herefordshire…She was thrilled to take to the skies and enjoyed the experience so much she has decided to go up again in the next few weeks!

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