Garden takes shape for Leominster in Bloom


Marius standing beside the completed wooden troughs, brilliantly made, that surround the fountain. Mike from Leominster in Bloom pops by to confirm the date the judging date IMG_0298 Steve does a marvellous job planting rosemary, fuschias, marigolds, labelia and patio roses in Marius’s wooden troughs. Meanwhile Wendy does a terrific job planting ‘Magic carpet’ in pots for the horse and cart planter.IMG_0306 IMG_0307

Hans visits his friend Ron and also new friend Eric as the red troughs are planted while they chat. Thank you Hans.


Pebbles from June were being painted by Anne and Ray and also Wendy and other residents. Eric, Ron and Tony made a start on painting Marius wooden plant troughs….trying to do this before the sun disappeared behind a cloud…. Anne and Ray IMG_0227 IMG_0231 IMG_0234

Marius began construct plant troughs that will surround the fountain and window boxes (painted red by Tom) IMG_0225 IMG_0226

It began with Emma and residents making garden themed displays hanging in the  windows….IMG_0220 IMG_0222Please take some time to look on our conversations page for some fascinating insights on schooldays, working life, school trips and wartime memories from Ron B, Eric, Cara and Colleen and Anne E.

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One response to “Garden takes shape for Leominster in Bloom

  1. June Bakewell

    The most beautiful display in Leominster!. I know I am biased but I think what has been created by the talent and hard work of everyone involved – and there were many – is really beautiful. And now we are all able to sit back and admire the view, from inside as well as outside. Thank you all for your efforts and wonderful creativity.


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