Friday 13th …a little bit of Comic Relief

Rita P, David, Graham, Ann H and Tony, don comic relief glasses and raise a smile of two. Glasses courtesy of the pupils from Leominster Primary School who spent the afternoon with us. We are ready to begin a large canvas mural….a creative collaboration between the pupils and Forbury residents, based on the theme of ‘Clothing’.CR1CR3CR4IMG_9506

Paddy (1) Betty

Eric, Paddy and Betty work on large canvas pictures….so did Lucy, Rita P. Joan, Hilda, Colleen and David (but my camera stopped before I could carry on taking pictures – the battery needed re-charging, whoops). We are showing some of the residents paintings in May at the Courtyard during the ‘Remember Me‘ celebration, in an exhibition we have titled Travelling By Moonlight. We shall tell you more when we get closer to the exhibition.


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3 responses to “Friday 13th …a little bit of Comic Relief

  1. Jeanette McCulloch

    Good to see happy smiling faces!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cal

    hilarious fun everyone having a great time


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