Do you recognise this jewellery please…?

We are trying to track the owner of two distinctive pieces of gold jewellery . A gold necklace that has a small gold coco bean hanging from it.  IMG_9286RingAnd a signet ring that has PWB engraved onto it. We have asked residents to see if we can trace the owners. Possibly a relative or friend may have lost these and recognise them. Please can you can contact The Forbury if you know who they may belong to, thank you.


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3 responses to “Do you recognise this jewellery please…?

  1. Kate Ryan

    Yes Jan. The ring is my Mums. PWB Patricia Wendy Birchall
    She also has a gold knot ring -that may be missing too.
    Thanks for posting. xx


    • jmcculloch98

      Hi Kate I think your Mum has been reunited with this ring, I’ll mention the gold knot ring in case its somewhere. Best wishes to you xx x


  2. Jeanette McCulloch

    The ring has been reunited with its owner

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