Making Bakewell Tarts!

Doreen, Raymond, Kath C, Colleen, Dorothy and Rita H worked hard, sharing the tasks to make some Bakewell Tarts. Rita H and Colleen showed their experience of pastry making, both producing lovely, easy to work with pastry. They were careful about the thickness of the pastry bases they cut out. Doreen commented that Raymond had never done any cooking! Raymond, however, worked enthusiastically to produce a smooth blend for the filling, he greased the tray and spooned jam carefully onto the pastry bases. Dorothy and Kath C were quick to beat the eggs and Dorothy spooned the filling onto each tart. Doreen assisted and ensured the completion of the tasks for the group. The teamwork paid off with the delicious tarts later served to everyone for tea.
image 1_edited image 2_edited image 3_edited

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  1. Lots of goods adding their own secret culinary skills….bet those Bakewell tarts tasted yummy, Jeanette x


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