Willow Trust Boat Trip September 16th

The Willow Trust is a charity that offers freedom for the disabled on the water by providing days out for children and adults with learning and physical disabilities and those who are seriously ill.  The Trust has 2 boats based at Saul Junction in Gloucestershire and guests can enjoy the excitement of adventure and the therapy of tranquility in beautiful surroundings – all sailing free of charge.    Each boat is worked by a qualified full-time skipper and three volunteer helpers. Each year they carry around 7,000 disabled and unwell people and their carers on cruises lasting from about 10am to 3pm. Tea, coffee and squash are provided, and guests are asked to bring their own packed lunches.

The weather was calm and warm with some gentle sunshine. Tony, Hilda P, Hilda A-S, Peggy, Kath D and Joan relaxed in the best seats outside at the front of the boat. Betty, Peggy and Joan all went up to the bridge and took turns to control the steering. Joan said she would like to stay on the boat forever and she was pleased because the skipper appreciated her help!  A good time was had by all as you can see from the photos of the trip below >

Gen Eunice Betty_edited Hilda Peggy_edited

Eunice Peggy_editedWHO_edited

Peggy_editedPeggy Hilda_edited

Thanks to Emma for the above write-up and photos!…

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