Spiro and Grace

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Spiro and his wife Grace are from the Philippines, as are Roberto and Jelli (more about them later).

They are Care Assistants who have worked with the residents at The Forbury for a few years. They have three beautiful children.

One afternoon Spiro took the time to tell us a little bit about his country.

Spiro comes from a town called Rizal, which is in the Luzon region, high up in the hills. He is a trained Fireman and his wife Grace was working for the Philippine Ambulance Services where they met each other.

They have a nice house with a garden where they grow egg plants (aubergines) and papaya. The temperature in the Philippines is hot in the summer 37 degrees (phew), so they would travel down to the sea, a four hour drive on some dusty and dangerous roads, roads that cling to the side of a mountain, to Baler. The Philippines can boast ten of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

In June when the rainy season comes, it is warm but very very wet as the monsoons begin.

Spiro enjoyed playing Basketball and also shooting at targets, both are popular hobbies.

The food back home is very flavoursome but is not hot and spicy. Fruit is plentiful, coconut, pineapple, mango and papaya, you often see Philippine fruits in our supermarkets here. His favourite pudding is Casaba leche plan (an egg and rice and sweet milk desert).

Spiro speaks Spanish, that is the national language back home, and the currency is the pesos. There is a high population of people in the Philippines which also sadly means there is a lot of poverty despite strong exports of coffee fruits and textiles.

The people back home are friendly and relaxed, the country is beautiful with mountains and beaches and forests.


Grace is sitting with Sheila and Kath, they are painting using Transfer Paints, beginning a new textile print project based on the Carnival. Spiro is standing with Kate (one of our two Social and wellbeing activity co-ordinators). Behind them you can see a button Heart picture.

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