The Forbury Residential Home is in Church Street near Leominster Priory.

In July we were awarded an Arts Council England grant to run a year long arts project called ‘Everyone Matters’. The aim of our project is to invite our community in Leominster, especially our older residents and staff to share and communicate together. We have begun an online blog called The Forbury Times wordpress which you might like to contribute too. The blog has had a huge amount of success, with pictures, quotes, conversations, and examples of artworks and activities being shared. You can make comments on the blog, you might recognise people you know and you may see art and craft ideas that you wish to try out yourself.

If you email your pictures, contributions to our email address we will upload this for you.

We will contact residents in Leominster care homes soon and invite them to participate in a big art project. All the art we receive will be joined to make one large artwork that will be unveiled later in the year. We shall tell you more about this in October. Best wishes from Jeanette McCulloch (lead artist) at The Forbury.

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