July Garden Party

Here are some photos from the Forbury garden party of residents and families and staff dancing, eating and having fun! The sun was shining and the plume of smoke comes from Chris (the owner of The Forbury) cooking the BBQ.Here are a few comments from some residents following our Summer Tea Dance on
30th July:
Margaret: “I think it was very pleasant. There were nice things that went with each
other which helped with the business of the party. It was very good indeed. You sort
of felt you were in something. It was good the elderly, or should I say, older people
were extremely good.”
Trixie: “I thought they were very well-behaved. Everybody was well-behaved. I didn’t
see any rowdyism. The food was quite good – (Trixie screwed up her face as she
said this.)
Pat W: “I liked it very much. I had a hot dog. The Pimms was lovely. I thought it was
going to rain. I felt 2 spots come down but it kept off.” 

July Garden Party 2014_edited Chris cooking up the BBQ_editedColleen and Randy_editedDancing_editedSue wearing hat_editedRita P_editedimage (5)_edited

Gen with Sheila_editedGwen dancing_editedDoreen and Ray_edited

Jan_editedMary chatting_edited

Rita H_editedAnne and Tom_edited

Kath D with kath C_editedBetty_edited

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One response to “July Garden Party

  1. June Bakewell

    So glad we have some pictures of the party! The weather was beautiful, the food was lovely and the music inspired lots of very enthusiastic dancers to get to their feet! It was a really lovely afternoon, enjoyed by everyone there.


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