Mindful Caring, Mindful Living 28 July 2014


“Love doesn’t mind a muddle”…

Andy Bradley, from http://www.frameworks4change.co.uk/ spent the day with all the staff and Tom and Muriel (two of our residents). This was an inspiring, energising and uplifting workshop as Andy helped us to focus on the things that matter most to us and how we might better care for ourselves.

He reminded us “that the richness of life is in the moment” which gives us “a heightened awareness of the now”. If we can aim to do the things that are the most rewarding for us then “these things we love are a gateway to our own happiness”.

We began to see how we might communicate listening and talking with ‘an open heart’,  being curious when we talk to people,

During the workshop we spoke at length about how we came to be working at The Forbury, which for many staff was an interesting journey. Andy expressed his happiness at what The Forbury exuded – warmth, happiness, friendships, and most of all there was a feeling of  kindness and compassion, something which Tom and Muriel and the staff also shared. Muriel and Tom also told their stories of how they came to be living at The Forbury. Muriel summed up her happiness living here when she said to Andy “Love doesn’t mind a Muddle”.

He recommended two books ‘Peace is in Every Step’ by Thich Nhat Hanh and suggested we might watch Thich in conversation with Orpah Winfrey available on Youtube:   Oprah Winfrey talks with Thich Nhat Hanh. and ‘Flourish’ written by Martin Seligman.

In the evening Andy offered a workshop at the Leominster Community Centre for people who work with older people. The room was filled with people who worked at other Care homes, or were health and social workers, or writers, artists and musicians. The evening was a great success, with the participants at the end of the evening expressing how much they had understood and learnt about Mindfulness and compassion both for ourselves and those we work with.

It was a wonderful day, thank you Andy, from The Forbury xx

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  1. Randy Robinson

    An excellent learning curve for me, many thanks, Randy Robinson.


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